Tradition And Innovation Coexist Interview With Bachelor Ceo Alain Zimmermann

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Baume & Mercier, a well-known Swiss watch brand, has a history of 186 years. It has always given us a low-key and elegant brand image, such as a modest gentleman, entering China Vision of table fans. Not long ago, Baume & Mercier held the world premiere press conference of its Clayton series perpetual calendar watches in Beijing. Taking this opportunity, the editor of the watch house interviewed Mr. Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier. Let’s listen to Mr. Alain Zimmermann’s comments Relevant strategies and development plans made by the Baume & Mercier brand in the future:

Watch House: In recent years, the continued downturn in the Asian market has affected the entire watch industry. How does Baume & Mercier view this situation? What focus will brands have on China?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: In fact, the global environment of the entire global market has been affected. This is also a necessary stage of market development. Just like the peak and valley curve, there are climaxes and inevitability, so it is not necessary to face such situations. Frustrated, we see it as a new opportunity. In the past three years, our investment in the market has also increased year by year. The Chinese market has developed too fast earlier. It may take 20 years for Europe, but it only took 2 years for China to figure out the situation in the watchmaking industry. I think China’s new middle class is on the rise. They will explore the story behind the brand. After we entered China, we launched different brand education to familiarize everyone with the famous brand with a history of 186 years. This is the first. Secondly, of course, the situation of our watches, not only to ensure high quality, but also to pay attention to the diversity of products, but also to expand the brand’s publicity.
Home of Watches: At present, many high-end watch brands have turned to the communication and marketing of the Internet. Baume & Mercier brands have also made some attempts this year. What do you think of the Internet model of high-end watches?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: The Internet model has become more and more important in people’s lives. Young consumers have become very accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet. The Internet is also a communication method that integrates traditional newspapers, radio, and television. It is rich in content and classified Fine, users can quickly get the information they need. Then I think that Internet communication will be a very important part in the future. Users can inquire about everything including brand history, product information, product quotes, after-sales service, etc. on the Baume & Mercier brand through the Internet, making purchasing easier. I Personally also expressed great recognition.
Watch House: Baume & Mercier watches have always given the impression of simplicity and low-key introversion. Relatively speaking, there are not many complication watches. Will Baume & Mercier focus on creating complication watches in the future?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: In fact, Baume & Mercier has been creating complication watches since its birth in 1830. It has a history of 186 years, but we have not made it an important product line for promotion. Baume & Mercier regards ‘condensing precious moments’ as the brand’s motto. It is more about trying to spread the low-key elegant image as you said. It appears at important moments in life such as weddings, celebrations, birthdays, etc. Our watches have superior quality and affordable prices. , Suitable for those who do not pursue complex functions to buy. Of course, we have never stopped our efforts in advanced complex craftsmanship. Today you will see a brand new watch with ultra-complex functions (baumeshi Crichton series MOA10306 perpetual calendar watch).
Watch House: From SIHH’s new products in the past two years, it is not difficult to find that Baume & Mercier pays more attention to the development of women’s watches, and has indeed achieved good results. What do you think of the current female consumer group?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: Yes, women’s watches have been made since the brand was founded. It can be said that they are the earliest brands involved in women’s watches in the watch industry. Baume & Mercier has always regarded women’s watches as an important development direction. In addition to Lingni, Crichton and other women’s watch series, it has launched a new agreement series. More than just a tool for timing.

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Celebrating Blancpain 275 Anniversary Glory

BLANCPAIN, the world’s oldest watch brand, celebrated its 275th birthday in Beijing on December 10, 2010. For 275 years, Blancpain has made many achievements in continuous innovation in the field of top watchmaking. Its global vice president and sales director Andre Meier, Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz, and Blancpain’s vice president Liao Yu attended the event to witness the moment of brand glory. The brand also specially invited Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., a legend who has achieved peak achievements in the field of business achievement and adventure. He is also a loyal fan of Blancpain. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China said, ‘Mr. Wang Shi is a representative of China’s elite leaders. He is a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished explorer. His belief coincides with the spirit of the Blancpain brand. ‘At the press conference, Liao Yu presented the precious’ Tribute To Fifty Fathoms ‘(tribute fifty years old) replica professional diving watch to Wang Shi, and paid tribute to Wang Shi’s belief in transcending himself. Blancpain’s exhibition in Beijing was ingeniously divided into six scenes, showing many brilliant achievements in the history of the brand-namely: 1. The watch has always adhered to the classic circular design; 2. It has created a complete The world’s most complicated watch-‘1735’, this watch combines six complex functions, namely: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase profit and loss, dual tracking hand timing, ultra-thin function; three, leading professional diving Watch trends; four, gold carving crafts show the art of watchmaking; five, the original Carloso movement inspired the watchmaking industry, Qiankun Carrousel watch was collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing; six, the top movement factory for future development Provide a powerful source of power. After 275 years, Blancpain continues to surpass the pinnacle of watchmaking technology, injecting breathtaking skills into top mechanical watches.

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Omega Glory Presents The Hippocampus Aqua Terra ‘pyeongchang 2018’ Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch

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To celebrate the countdown to the second anniversary of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea, OMEGA is proud to present a unique and stunning timepiece.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch

   Inheriting Omega’s long and glorious Olympic timekeeping history, this famous Swiss watch brand has already looked forward to continuing to play the outstanding role of official timing at the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics. To celebrate the countdown to the second anniversary of the event, Omega has combined unique and unique design elements to create a limited edition watch with great collection value.
   The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition follows the innovative technology and design excellence of the Seahorse Aqua Terra 150m watch. However, the focus of this limited edition watch design is on this. The event is an extraordinary sporting event.

Omega Seahorse Series Aqua Terra ‘PyeongChang 2018’ Winter Olympics Limited Edition Olympic Theme Box

   The most striking difference of this watch is the addition of the name of this grand global sporting event. ‘PYEONGCHANG 2018′ (Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics) is crafted from five colors of the iconic Olympic rings, and is decorated on the minute circle of the extremely popular blue PVD dial.
   Even more amazing is that the numbers ’20’ and ’18’ are accurately aligned with the corresponding minute scale, which is a rare coincidence.
   The sapphire back carries the official logo of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The side of the case is engraved with a limited edition number. This watch is only available in 2018.
Design and innovation

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch Back

   This 41 mm timepiece, including the case itself and the metal bracelet, is made of stainless steel. The dial is decorated with the unique ‘Teak Concept’ texture of the Aqua Terra series, and it is equipped with an 8500 ‘Zhi coaxial’ movement inside.
   When it comes out, the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition watch will also be specially carried by its unique Olympic-themed watch case. The timepiece will become a member of the Omega Olympic-themed watch with a glorious history, which is particularly valuable for collection.

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Omega Special Series Beijing Olympic Series Special Edition 2008

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OMEGA Special Series Beijing Olympic Series Special Edition 2008
Red gold case and leather strap
Number: 422.

Movement: OMEGA 3313
The self-winding chronograph movement with column wheels and coaxial escapement ensures stable and long-lasting accurate timekeeping. Free-play balance wheel system with date, hour, minute and continuous small seconds and central chronograph hands
Power reserve: 52 hours

Crystal surface
Arc-shaped anti-reflective, anti-wear sapphire crystal

Case and dial
18k red gold case
White mother-of-pearl dial

Water resistance: 100 meters
330 feet

Case diameter: 35 mm

Date display
Timing function
Certified by the Swiss Observatory
Small seconds dial

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Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon Sihh Preview Before The Show Warm-up Before The Show

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2015, full of external factors, is full of turbulence, but everyone is still looking forward to the new model in 16 years. Fortunately, the brand also live up to expectations, Pre-S.I.H.H. Styles can already feel a lot of highlights, and various brands have said that they still retain more attractive styles will be announced at the exhibition site, it is really itchy.

The event is coming, the brand releases a new kind of fire
The 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie S.I.H.H. (The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie), which will be held from January 18 to 22, 2016, has exhibited a few new models in advance. In the past, most of the preview styles were based on the revisions of existing styles. Most of the major brands will be announced at the exhibition site again, but from the current Pre-SIHH styles, many topics have appeared, such as Earl’s Union 700P movement with mechanical gear train and quartz elements, Van Cleef & Arpels movement watch with swallow and butterfly relay indicating time, etc.
In addition to the release of new models, brands have not forgotten to reveal some styles and selling points to make watch fans fire. Roger Dubuis announced in advance that 2016 will be the year of women’s watches. At present, in addition to changing the special carbon fiber and resin Excalibur The self-winding skeleton watch is in addition to the men’s watch. Two gorgeous Velvet jewelry watches can already see the brand’s annual trend; Audemars Piguet also said that there will be many new releases of gold material, continuing the release of rose gold and stainless steel perpetual calendar models at the end of the year. , The subsequent version of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Gold Material became the style that led to the ’16 Golden Age ‘. IWC boldly shouted to watch fans on W & W and will launch models with better C / P values. From the brand’s SIHH invitation letter, the aircraft pattern is not difficult to guess. The 2016 Pilot series will be the main brand. And the new Pre-SIHH is also true. The large pilot with a diameter of 48mm or even 55mm looks back at the early style. The special edition of Little Prince who has been applauded since its release has also been released with a new calendar function. Mark XVIII also returned to the simple design, which is bound to become the best target for the collection of old watch fans and the entry of new watch fans.

In 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre ushered in the 85th anniversary of Reverso. As one of the most representative square watch series in the watch industry, the reversible case is the best. The series was the first to release three models, including the classic two-pin, Dual time zones and full-calendar moon phases, each with different sizes and neutral designs, can be captured by both male and female collectors. Cartier, which has been under pressure for 15 years, is also the brand that has released the most new models. According to the three major annual themes announced, including skeleton watches by Clé De Cartier and Crash, puma’s dynamic storage and jewellery watches, mysterious watches, Rotonde de Cartier’s earth and moon tourbillon, day and night moon phase retrograde watch are both replaced with more luxurious materials, the former with a theme with a meteorite and dial, full of space, the latter is set with gems, more gorgeous.
Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie series seems to have locked the route of cost-effective and complex styles. Following the annual calendar, full calendar, time between the two places and the perpetual calendar, the annual calendar chronograph is now introduced to convert the price within RMB 140,000. It also focuses on relative relatives. threshold. As for the three-hand date, the traditional layout has been changed. Inspired by the 1950s chronograph from Minerva Manufacture, the small second dial and date dial are specially configured like binocular chronograph dials, with unique features.
Independent watchmaking stationed in S.I.H.H.
One of the highlights of 2016 S.I.H.H. is the presence of 9 independent watch brands, which also increased the number of S.I.H.H. exhibitors to 24. These 9 independent brands include CHRISTOPHE CLARET, DE BETHUNE, H. MOSER & CIE, HAUTLENCE, HYT, LAUREN FERRIER, MB & F, URWERK and VOUTILAINEN, forming the first ‘Carré des Horlogers’. In fact, S.I.H.H.’s product demographics and high-end positioning are originally close to independent watchmaking to a certain extent. Now S.I.H.H. invites this group of masters with excellent skills to help out, it is bound to attract more attention.
In contrast, due to the limited marketing budget of independent watchmaking in the past, compared to brands with strong financial aid from the Group, they can hardly stand up in the two major watch exhibitions. Individual invitations to the media or VIPs for appreciation have limited exposure and publicity effects. Although the ‘entry fee’ for joining SIHH is high, sharing by 9 brands may still be acceptable. It is the most direct and close way to reach customers, and it is the business to actively expand the brand reputation. Long-term plan.
R & D firepower is expected to be concentrated
Related to S.I.H.H. is also WATCHES & WONDERS in mid-September. Since the launch of W & W, I can feel that the number of new products released by S.I.H.H. brands is relatively small (of course, there are special cases like Cartier Bailai only showing sea pressure), and I feel that I will stay with W & W.

Among them, Audemars Piguet is the brand that first stated that it would not participate in the exhibition in 15 years, with less support from the big names, and some people even joked that it would not be there in 2016. There will be no W & W. It can be seen that although the semi-annual new watch exposure cycle stimulates the freshness of buyers to a certain extent, it may also cause a burden on the brand’s research and development schedule. After all, high-end watches are not fashion brands that need to publish seasonal fashion frequently, and sometimes they are eager to be active. Introducing multiple models, it is better to reserve enough time to prepare a watch that is enough to support a year. After the exhibition, it was also reported that it will be changed into a biennial exhibition. The details have not yet been finalized, but it is certain that W & W will still exist, but the periodic form has not been confirmed. If the exhibition period can indeed be extended, the brand should be able to return to the main focus of research and development again, without having to be exhausted, watch fans can also have greater expectations for the brand’s annual new models.
Chronology of Zodiac Monkeys
At the end of the year, according to Chinese customers who are still the market staples, more and more brands are launching zodiac watches. The first is the Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art series of gold sculptures. The Breguet who joined the zodiac battle later was based on Reine de Naples. Cameo Monkey uses shell carving to present. The most complicated function is Blancpain’s Chinese calendar monkey watch. The Count once again invited Master Anita Porchet, who is proficient in all enamel techniques, to draw grey wool monkeys with filigree enamel; Hai Rui Winston used the brand’s softness Tonality, with pink mother-of-pearl and horse-eye-shaped hollowed-out golden monkeys, the savage monkeys displayed by the Athenian golden monkey enamel watch are quite active. Jacques Delo’s zodiac watch with deep roots in China is quite justified, and the brand lived up to expectations. It released two models of gold sculpture and micro-painted enamel in one breath, showing the breadth and height of craftsmanship, and different attitudes.
Other zodiac watch brands worth noting include Panerai, which has been making animal watches for many years. The two-tone gold and paper-cut totems have the most Chinese style, and there are also specific collectors who are interested in international auctions. How the picture will appear is yet to be announced by the brand.

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Vacheron Constantin Chinese Zodiac Year Of The Snake Watch

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The design of the dial has the profound meaning of classical Chinese, and the leaf and leaf patterns are engraved on the blue dial. The separation from the gold support is still dedicated to the creation of a subtle relief decoration with a sense of depth by hosting more or less prominentness. The legend of the Chinese zodiac, the last 12 years of the Garde Temps series is coming. It started with the Year of the Snake model in the same period last year.

    The design of the dial has a profound meaning of classical Chinese, and the leaf pattern is engraved on the blue dial. The separation from the gold support is still dedicated to the creation of a subtle relief decoration with a sense of depth by hosting more or less prominentness. So the raised leaves seem to float on the dial. A rising snake needs at least 30 hours to realize its effect. The artistic vision of the work embodied by the craftsman. Then came the stage of Grand Feu’s enamel. Invented in Geneva, only a few craftsmen retained this skill.

    If the Métiersd’Art Art Collection Legend of the Chinese Zodiac provides a marvelous playground industry, the art is Calibre 2460 G4 it should. The continuation of the original Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking art in accordance with its various rich traditions provides a view of reading time without hands. This is done by opening the four small doors on the hour, minute, day and date respectively.

    These signs indicate that the trailing first two and last jumps appear on the dial with a central pattern around the four holes. Alternating 28 800 A / H, mechanical self-winding movement, equipped with a oscillating weight of 22 carats in gold decorated with a Maltese cross, a geometric shape of the emblem’s dynamic shape, inspired design brand, all components are completed very complex, eligible The clock that impressed Geneva was founded in 1886 and is one of the highest honors recognized in the world. The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac-A fascinating series of watches based on a 12-year cycle.
    The leaf-patterned dial appears from classical Chinese images and is etched directly on the metal. The semi-embedded model still exists, with a subtle stage of various prominent relief settings created from the deep impact created by the Golden Based Information and Communication Technology.
    The leaves appear to float on the dial. With the serpent carving, placed on the scales individually and individually, representing at least 30 hours of work, the artisans provide a tangible expression of the artistic vision behind this creation. Then came the big FEU enamel stage, in Geneva and technological inventions, which are still a rare variety of patents, the artisan craftsmanship of the Chinese zodiac legend collection thanks to the famous saying of information and communication technology, the scope of arts and crafts, caliber 2460 G4 . Vacheron Constantin offers a variety of information and communication technologies and a long tradition of maintaining the original display, continuing the art of watchmaking that provides hands-free display time. Whether to reveal the hour, minute, and day of the day through 4-window observationment.
    Signs indicate the kind of the first two and drag the last 2 jump-type, and through the aperture to configure the central pattern dial around the oven per share. With a speed of 28.800 vibrations per hour, the mechanical self-winding movement is equipped with a Maltese cross decorated with a 22K gold oscillating weight. The dynamic geometric shape of the historical brand logo is inspired by a theme. All shares of information and communications technology treat very complex finishing in accordance with the standards set by the Geneva Seal-one of the highest marks of watchmaking craftsmanship created in 1886 and recognized around the world.

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Roger Dubuis And Watches And Miracles 2015-watches & Wonders 2015 Astral Skeleton

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Roger Dubuis is proud to announce that he will participate in Asia’s most prestigious watch exhibition for the third consecutive year. This exhibition will be from September 30 to October 3, 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center held with grandeur. Watches and miracles-WATCHES & WONDERS will once again provide the brand with a great opportunity to present its latest work ‘Astral Skeleton’, and also through the superb avant-garde Roger Dubuis, Come and show the brand’s unique and dramatic talents in the design of the pavilion.

Excalibur Star of In? Nity

Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, Roger Dubuis Global CEO

   Roger Dubuis Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, the global CEO of Roger Dubuis, talked about the current watch and miracle-WATCHES & WONDERS, expressed his enthusiasm and expectation: ‘As a contemporary hollow movement Roger Dubuis, the founder and watchmaker who specializes in blending architectural beauty and superb machinery, is extremely excited to launch his new timepiece creations in Asia in 2015. And we will release the first Excalibur Star of Infinity A watch, a truly new and elegant timepiece. ‘
Set off the beauty of complex machinery with outstanding jewellery skills

Astral Skeleton: The new fantasy world of Roger Dubuis, the pioneer of contemporary hollowing

   This jewellery watch, which was first unveiled in 2015 Watches and Miracles-WATCHES & WONDERS 2015, is similar to many timepieces launched by Roger Dubuis this year, and is hollowed out by the Astral Skeleton interstellar As the creative theme, the unique star-shaped shape of Roger Dubuis’ contemporary hollow movement is the design concept, and nature and shining stars are the inspiration for design. The formal aesthetics and functionality of the Excalibur Star of Infinity watch complement each other. The star tops of the RD01SQ skeleton double flying tourbillon movement point to different hour scales, which improves the clarity of reading. What’s more meaningful is that these star angles seem to extend toward the vast and deep universe, symbolizing the immense expanse announced by the watch name In? Nity.
   A total of 312 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 14.93 carats are paved on a white gold case, bezel and star-shaped structure, giving the watch a dazzling brilliance. ) Under the embellishment, also suddenly turned into a bright star.
   The pure light of these precious gems sets off a carbon-gray rhodium-plated movement composed of round grained splints, and also lights up the two Celtic cross tourbillon frames. This scorching timepiece combines the jewellery and watchmaking expertise of Roger Dubuis, and is engraved with the Geneva mark, which symbolizes the highest quality. A genuine alligator leather strap creates a strong contrast, and the adjustable folding clasp on the strap is set with 32 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.33 carats.
A shining star in the world of clocks and watches like the vast sea of ​​stars …

Excalibur Star of In? Nity

   Roger Dubuis in 2015 echoes the brand’s creative theme this year with a mysterious and extraordinary world: cut-out art and its diverse interpretations perfectly presented in the fields of nature, art and watchmaking. Stepping into the exhibition hall, it is as if you have come to the legendary Arthur’s Forest, which has been endowed with endless magic. People will encounter a strange creature like a tentacle that comes out of the cage and has four tentacles, all of which subtly evoke the timelessness belonging to the Excalibur King series Qiankun. Rubber and metal meet here, curves and straight lines blend with each other, and round bright eyes that are opened and closed at that time, can not help but reminiscent of a round dial, more like a wide window, leading people into the mysterious clock soul . Visitors will wear Oculus virtual reality glasses here to explore the Astral Skeleton cutout sensory journey in three dimensions.
Technical Information:
Excalibur Star of In? Nity
Case: 45 mm diameter, white gold, baguette-cut diamonds
Thickness: 15.50 mm
Dial: skeletonized with star-shaped structure set with baguette-cut diamonds
Number of diamonds: A total of 312 baguette-cut diamonds, of which 34 are set
On the star structure, 246 are set on the case and 32 are set on the buckle
Carats: Diamonds weigh approximately 14.93 carats, of which 0.96 carats are set in a star shape
Structurally, 12.64 carats set on the case and 1.33 carats set on the buckle
Water resistance: 3 bar (30 meters)
Strap: Genuine black alligator leather, hand-stitched
Buckle: Adjustable folding buckle in white gold with baguette-cut diamonds
Movement: RD01SQ manual winding movement
Yield: 28 pieces
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD01SQ movement:
Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon
Features: Dual flying tourbillons at 4:30 and 7:30 (each one per minute
One rotation), with differential between the two, manual winding mechanical movement,
Accurately adjusted in six directions
Function: Hour and minute display
Decoration: skeleton movement, carbon grey rhodium-plated, round granular plywood, Celtic
Cross-shaped tourbillon frame, fully refined according to the Geneva mark standard
Parts: 301
Gems: 28
Diameter: 16¾ French
Thickness: 7.67 mm
Vibration frequency: 2×3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 50 hours

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Omega Presents Olympic Special Exhibition In Hong Kong

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As the official timekeeper of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Omega has played an important role in the Olympic Games for the 27th time since 1932. To celebrate the brand’s timing legend, from August 4th to August 10th, Omega held a special exhibition at the Hong Kong Harbour City Ocean Terminal.

   This exhibition presents a wide range of historical and modern chronograph equipment, from a double chasing chronograph with a precision of 1 / 10th of a second in 1953 to the 2016 Rio Olympics which can capture the light of an image at a speed of 10,000 frames per second Induction end camera.

   Also on display are a series of antique and new Omega Olympic series watches, from the classic watch launched in 1956 to the latest commemorative work released this year, including the hippocampus 300-meter diving watch ‘Rio 2016’ limited edition and Seahorse 150m AquaTerra watch. At the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in Australia, to celebrate the brand’s 25-year continuous Olympic timekeeping since 1932, Omega launched the ‘Seamaster 16’ 18K gold commemorative watch (SeamasterXVI18K), which is also the oldest timepiece displayed in this exhibition.

   Visitors can also participate in various interactive games at the show, including dressing the winning athletes on the podium and taking pictures. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Serpenti Series Watch Bvlgari Classic Totem Gorgeous Transformation Graceful Flowing In The Wrist

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Bvlgari reinterprets the charm of the classic totem spirit snake. The serpentine elements are intertwined with gold, leather materials or exquisite jewellery skills.
   Since ancient times, the spirit snake totem has always existed as a source of charm. Since the 1940s, it has become a classic design element of Bulgari, continuously inheriting the ever-changing magic and interpreting infinite possibilities.
   This year, Bvlgari launched the new Serpenti Tubogas watch, combining classic colors of white, rose and gold. This timepiece reinterprets the classic three-color gold watch classics introduced in the 1960s in a modern style, meeting the long-awaited aspirations of Bulgari fans. In the 1960s, the classics of tri-color gold watches were born, which laid the foundation for the spirit snake to become highly respected in Bvlgari’s works. Tubogas has also become a classic watchmaking technology of Bulgari. Since then, the spirit snake has constantly evoked the world’s appeal for beauty, and the Tubogas timepieces that cleverly use rare three-color gold to show contrasting visual effects are highly respected and lead the trend of the times.

Bvlgari 2018 new Serpenti Tubogas series tri-color gold watch
   The watch case is made of rose gold and has a snake-like shape. The sides of the snake head are set with 38 diamonds, while the crown is decorated with a convex egg face cut pink tourmaline. The black opal dial with fine guillochés and rose gold hour markers convey elegant elegance.
Multiple leather straps or gold bracelets tell your story
   Representing the ever-changing spirit snake’s transformation and interpretation of infinite possibilities. The new Serpenti collection follows the iconic character of the family. The Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watch offers a variety of ways to wear, illusions respect individual style. A series of colorful leather straps bring rich choices for daily wear, exaggerated and charming temperament, and the rose gold bracelet also presents elegant and gentle charm, bringing colorful upgrades to the spirit snake watch series.
   Two of them are equipped with four-ring leather straps, and the indigo topaz leather strap or wisteria jade leather strap are all decorated with metal. The modern color tone reflects the pace of fashion designers represented by the Italian jewellery masters.

Bvlgari 2018 new Serpenti collection time watch
   Italian jewellery has always cherished gold, and the new Serpenti timepieces have followed this tradition. With Bulgari’s original ingenuity, the ancient spirit snake once again interpreted the classic magic, with a double-circle strap with bronze metal texture, winding around the wrist. Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watch can easily change the strap, the illusion of new life, bring a personalized personalized wearing experience. The chain links are smoothly connected, presenting an eclectic bracelet shape, combined with the shining body, bringing a highly recognizable visual experience. The bracelet can be replaced with a colorful leather strap to provide a rich and varied wearing experience.

Bvlgari 2018 new Serpenti collection time watch
   To further enhance the personalized experience, Bvlgari has also specially developed the My Serpenti application, which is convenient for customers to independently select each part of the Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watch.
Serpenti spiga ceramic watch
Concentrating on craftsmanship and rare materials
   The spirit snake with changeable magic bears every moment of joyful time and interprets the flow of golden years. Bvlgari’s Serpenti watch series is once again innovating and changing, combining cutting-edge technology and rare materials to create a refreshing Serpenti Spiga watch. This watch does not choose dazzling three-gold color matching or colorful leather materials. Instead, it is dominated by white or black with rose gold inserts. Like a metal or leather bracelet, this ceramic spiral bracelet has a double-loop design that flows between the wrists. This watch features a rose gold case with a black or white lacquered dial, which expresses a strong modern style. In addition, Spiga’s bold design concept has reached an unprecedented new level on this watch, introducing a five-round black ceramic bracelet, embellished with 18K rose gold and diamonds, gently lingering around the wrist!

Bulgari 2018 new Serpenti Spiga ceramic watch
Technical Parameters
Serpenti watches
SERPENTI TUBOGAS tri-color gold watch
   Double ring bracelet in 18K yellow, white and rose gold linked with Tubogas craftsmanship; 18K rose gold case with brilliant-cut diamond inlaid bezel; 18K rose gold crown with 1 convex egg-faced red tourmaline Bvlgari manufactures high-precision quartz movements.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Collection Tri-Color Gold Watch, SAP: 102948
   18K rose gold double-circle bracelet with Tubogas craftsmanship; 18K rose gold case, 35 mm diameter, set with brilliant-cut diamonds; 18K rose gold crown, decorated with a convex egg-faced red tourmaline; silver opal dial, rising sun Decoration; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.
   18K rose gold single-turn bracelet with Tubogas craftsmanship; 18K rose gold case, 35 mm diameter, set with brilliant-cut diamonds; 18K rose gold crown, decorated with a convex egg face cut red tourmaline; silver opal dial, rising sun Decoration; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch, SAP: 103002/103003
   18K rose gold bracelet, consisting of four tiny links, easy to replace; 18K rose gold case, 27 mm in diameter; crown set with a convex egg-face-cut red tourmaline; Bvlgari-made high-precision quartz movement.
   Indigo Topaz metal four-circle calfskin strap, easy to replace; stainless steel case, 27 mm in diameter, with brilliant-cut diamond-set bezel; crown set with a convex egg-faced red tourmaline, blue Lacquered sunburst dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.
   Wisteria jade metal four-circle calfskin strap, easy to change; 18K rose gold case, diameter 27 mm, with brilliant-cut diamond-set bezel; crown set with a convex egg-faced red tourmaline, black lacquer Sunburst dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.
   Bronze metal double-circle calfskin strap, easy to change; stainless steel case, diameter 27 mm, with brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid with 18K rose gold bezel; crown with 1 convex egg-faced red tourmaline, gray lacquered Sunburst dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.

Bvlgari Serpenti Time Watch, SAP: 102728/102967/102968/102969
Serpenti spiga ceramic watch
   White ceramic double ring bracelet decorated with 18K rose gold; white ceramic case with 18K rose gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds; crown set with a convex egg-faced red tourmaline and polished white lacquered sunburst Dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.
   Black ceramic double ring bracelet decorated with 18K rose gold; black ceramic case with 18K rose gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds; crown set with a convex egg-faced red tourmaline and polished black lacquered sunburst Dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.
   Black ceramic five-ring bracelet with 18K rose gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds; black ceramic case with 18K rose gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds; 18K rose gold crown with convex egg-face-cut red tourmaline, Polished black lacquered sunburst dial; Bulgari’s own high-precision quartz movement.

Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga ceramic watch, SAP: 102885/102886/102888

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Han Geng, A Friend Of Zenith, Appeared In ‘growth Of All Things’ Shanghai Meeting

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He is the first Chinese artist to make his debut in South Korea. As a brand friend of Zenith, Han Geng, from a singer, a dancer, to a talented actor, has continued to follow his own star and achieve himself. The excellent performance in the film ‘To Our Youth We Will Pass’ has earned him the praise and recognition of many film critics and filmmakers, and evaluated his performance as ‘impossible to see magic’. In the forthcoming ‘Growth of Everything’ movie that hits the youth hormone, Han Geng once again completed the perfect transformation. Everything grows and grows fiercely.

Zenith’s friend Han Geng wore Zenith’s flagship happy calendar watch at the “Growth of Everything” Shanghai Meetup

   The flagship series Happy Grand Calendar watch combines sun and moon phase display, hollow calendar, chronograph and other complex functions. At 6 o’clock, there is a Zenith watch factory with a practical and poetic sun and moon phase display. This feature that reveals the sun and the moon’s orbit is realized by two overlapping disks. The iconic happy design at 10 o’clock, through the hollow dial can not only see the rhythm of the legendary El Primero movement, adjustments, high-speed vibration frequency and the exquisite decoration process on the entire movement can be seen at a glance.

Han Geng wears a watch: flagship series happy big calendar watch

51.2160.4047 / 01.C713
RMB 104,400
El Primero 4047 automatic movement
36,000 vibrations per hour
Power reserve of at least 50 hours
Accurate display of 1/10 seconds
Large calendar display with sun and moon phases
Large date display at 2 o’clock
30-minute lap at 3 o’clock
Sun and moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Iconic happy design at 10 o’clock
The cutout surface shows the heart of the legendary El Primero movement
Silicon escapement wheel and fork
45 mm diameter

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