Introduction To The Louis Vuitton Blue Automatic Sailing Watch

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As a nautical-themed watch, the Tambour Regatta blue automatic sailing watch naturally adopts dark blue as the dial’s base color. At the same time, this tone of color just makes the red Louis Vuitton traditional V-shaped logo on the dial more vivid and bright, and the interlacing of several different colors of black, white, blue and red also makes the entire watch look vibrant. In addition to the ordinary timekeeping function, the watch also includes a rowing countdown window with a sailboat spinnaker as the concept. In this way, choosing the watch necessary for this water sports can be regarded as a kind of warm-up for the upcoming summer.
这样 In such a season, people are gradually getting rid of their bloated winter clothes, and at the same time, they are planning for the new year. And the rise in temperature is like a watershed in lifestyle. Those gatherings that have been endlessly not long ago have slowly begun to shrink from everyone’s schedule and replaced by more and more outdoor activities. All the changes also let us start to consider: whether the watch that has been parked on our wrists for a long time should also be changed in accordance with the changes of this winter and spring season.
Farewell dress
Whether it is a beautiful and sophisticated watch with complex functions, or a dazzling diamond jewelry watch, the appearance of these watches always makes the wearer suddenly become the focus of attention. However, these expensive and valuable watches naturally do not meet the needs of wearing when going out and playing. At the same time, we are used to wearing a simple dress watch at work. The style of its watch is also difficult to coordinate with the casual style. I am afraid that it is difficult for anyone to imagine a friend wearing casual sports clothing on his wrist. Wear a PP or Lange precious metal three-hand watch.
Colorful fun
I mentioned the words that describe spring. Colorful red or peach willow green are the most commonly used ones. It can be seen how beautiful the spring colors can make people. Especially in April, the flowers that are racing to bloom, the green branches just spit, have brought us more visual enjoyment. But if at this moment, you still wear a watch with simple tones such as low-key traditional black and white, isn’t it incompatible with this bright spring?
Strap change
The change of seasons, let us not only pay attention to the appearance and technology of the watch when choosing a watch, but also think about whether wearing this watch can give you enough comfort: the appropriate strap material can enhance Breathability, reducing the function of the wrist restraint, on the contrary, some types of straps will not look suitable after entering the spring. For example, the gorgeous silky watchband will have its lifespan greatly reduced with the help of sweat and water vapor. After sweating on the wrist, it will be quite uncomfortable to touch the leather watchband. Therefore, at the time when winter clothing is removed, it is imperative to choose a suitable strap.

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Collection Of The Last Watch, Summoning All Members Of Lange Lange 1 25th Anniversary Series!

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Walking in the small town of Glashütte, Germany, the sun is falling on quiet streets, and colorful exotic buildings stand on both sides. This beautiful town is one of Germany’s famous watchmaking districts. Lange, which originated here, has witnessed the change of the years, the rigorous concept of watchmaking and the thick sense of history merged into one, showing us the magical charm of watches and clocks.

Lange LANGE1, the birth of the legendary watch


Lange Watch Factory in Glashütte

  As Lange’s most famous LANGE1 series, its birth is full of legendary colors. Due to World War II, Lange’s main production plant was destroyed by the war, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany, and the watch factory in the town of Glashütte was merged by the East German regime. Until 1990, when the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was unified, Walter Lange planned to rebuild the watch factory.

  On October 24, 1994, Lange returned to the altarpiece and released the first four watches for the first time in the Dresden Palace. LANGE1 attracted great attention. The eccentric dial layout, large calendar window design, and hand-carved balance wheel plywood, these groundbreaking designs made Lange LANGE1 a satisfactory answer.

Lange LANGE 125th Anniversary Collection

  LANGE1 has an unforgettable beauty. Its birth can be said to be another rebirth of Lange. This year is a very special year for Lange LANGE1, and its birth coincides with the 25th anniversary. To this end, Lange will launch a new Lange LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary limited edition watch on the 25th of each month, and ten new LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary watches will be released.

The finale of the Lange LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary series


LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’

  Now, we have finally waited for the finale of Lange LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary series-LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’.

  LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’ limited edition of 25 pieces, LANGE1’s classic design plus exquisite details, beautiful and beautiful, let people put it down. Like all other LANGE125 anniversary series models, the iconic silver and blue two-tone design is placed on this LANGE1TOURBILLON watch. The right diameter of the 38.5mm watch is matched with a case made of 18K white gold. On the silver-white dial, all the hour markers, numbers, and letters are decorated with blue, as are the blue steel hands.

  LANGE1TOURBILLON has always been a watch designed for special occasions. In the millennium, Lange launched the first LANGE1TOURBILLON. At the time, this watch was very sophisticated in technology. It was the brand’s first combination of tourbillon, big calendar display, dual barrel, three-day power. Precision watch with storage and power reserve indication. Later, Lange successively launched LANGE1TOURBILLON watches at important moments, such as the ‘165Years-HomagetoF.A.LANGE’ special commemorative series in 2010, and the 20th anniversary of the birth of LANGE1 in 2014.

‘165Years–HomagetoF.A.LANGE’ LANGE1TOURBILLON uses Lange’s unique material-18K honey gold

As LANGE1 enters its 20th anniversary, Lange launches 20 special edition LANGE1TOURBILLON and bears the name ‘Handwerkskunst’, becoming the fourth watch in the HANDWERKSKUNST series.

  In 2019, at such an important moment of commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the birth of LANGE1, Lange proudly launched the new LANGE1TOURBILLON, as the last masterpiece of the anniversary series, naturally has its power.

  As the finale of Lange’s LANGE 125th anniversary series this year, the biggest highlight of LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’ is the stop-second device of the tourbillon.

Lange Tourbillon with stop-second device to ensure high-precision travel time

  Tourbillon is one of the traditional complicated functions of watches. The original intention was to offset the influence of gravity on the movement of the watch and improve the accuracy of the movement of the watch. The escapement of the movement is placed on the frame of the tourbillon and rotates at a speed of one revolution per minute.

  The special feature of Lange’s tourbillon is that it is equipped with a stop-seconds device. When the crown is pulled out, the V-shaped stop spring is pushed by the stop lever toward the balance wheel, which pushes it towards the balance wheel and the tourbillon frame. Engage with the edge of the balance wheel, and the tourbillon stops. The advantage is that it allows us to set the time to the nearest second.

  The seemingly low-key and convenient function actually adds a lot of complexity, which is undoubtedly a challenge without destroying the exquisite and complicated device of the movement. The one-minute tourbillon device proves the strength of Lange’s watchmaking.

  Although LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’ retains the classic large calendar display window, it does not affect the beauty of the tourbillon. The single-digit dial displayed on the large calendar uses transparent glass to reveal the overall appearance of the tourbillon.

  Lange LANGE1TOURBILLON ’25thAnniversary’ is equipped with the new generation L961.4 movement, this movement comes from the LANGE1TOURBILLONHandwerkskunst movement L961.3 in 2014. The L961.4 movement has been fine-tuned in five directions, and the accuracy of the movement is unambiguous. At the same time, it is equipped with a watch factory-made balance spring, which can run for 72 hours when fully wound.

  We all know that the grinding process of the movement is unique, both in terms of function and appearance. On the Lange movement, the 3/4 splint is one of the most important traditional elements of Lange watches, and it is also a major feature of the brand. 3/4 plywood stabilizes the entire wheel train under a single bridge, improving the stability of the movement. The hand-engraved middle wheel and tourbillon bridges are engraved with exquisite patterns and are filled with blue paint.

  The middle wheel plywood is engraved with the Lange large calendar logo, which is a unique design of the Lange LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary series.

  Today, ten watches of the Lange LANGE 125 anniversary series have been released. These ten watches follow the classic design of the LANGE1 series, such as eccentric layout, large calendar window, 3/4 splint, hand-carved oscillating splint, etc., which are explained on the Lange LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary series Brand exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship.

  These ten LANGE1 ’25thAnniversary’ anniversary models cover three different case sizes: 36.8, 38.5 to 41 mm, each of which has its own unique features, with manual winding or automatic winding The chain is also equipped with different watch functions, such as moon phase display, second time zone and world time, or a combination of tourbillon and perpetual calendar. It can be said that each has its advantages.

  For Lange, LANGE1 is the rebirth of the brand and a bridge connecting the past and the future. It bears Lange’s bold interpretation of aesthetics, highlights the commendable watchmaking process, and gives us an exquisite face, which marvels us.

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Accurate Railway Timer Railroad Watch

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The brand new RailRoad series launched by Hamilton in 2010 combines the original inspiration of the railway’s glorious history and connects the precise mechanical technology to the past, present and future.

Hamilton RailRoad Auto Chrono
Hamilton RailRoad Auto Chrono, 46mm diameter, black PVD / stainless steel / rose gold case, black / silver dial, leather strap / stainless steel bracelet, A07-211 automatic chronograph movement, anti-glare and anti-refractive sapphire crystal, waterproof 100M .
Hamilton classic pocket watch symbolically removes the hanging chain and replaces it with stainless steel strap and belt. The smooth case elements of the pocket watch still extend to the new RailRoad series. In order to maintain the original design inspiration of railway elements, the symbolic railway is kept around the dial. Elements of track markings, and adding modern Swiss watchmaking technology; today, in keeping with the modern busy time step, the easy-to-read date window and metal time marking are set at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, which Hamilton expects to bring to everyone this year RailRoad series style design.

Hamilton RailRoad Petite Second
Hamilton RailRoad Petite Second, 44mm diameter, stainless steel case / gold PVD case, black / silver dial, leather strap / stainless steel bracelet, A07-511 self-winding movement, anti-glare anti-refractive sapphire crystal, waterproof 100M.

Hamilton RailRoad Auto
Hamilton RailRoad Auto, 38mm diameter, stainless steel case / gold PVD case, black / white / silver dial, leather strap / stainless steel bracelet, 2824 self-winding movement, anti-glare and anti-refractive sapphire crystal, waterproof 100M .
RailRoad series watches, with a total of 38mm, 44mm, 46mm three diameter sizes. In addition to the classic men’s watch, 38mm elegant size is also launched for women. The stylish golden-yellow PVD case with elegant white belt can reveal the ultimate charm of women. The Hamilton RailRoad full range of watches will bring you a unique retro classic experience.

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Kunlun Brand Ambassador Ben Ainslie Was Named 2012 Sailor Of The Year

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Corum Kunlun Brand Ambassador Ben Ainslie was awarded the ‘World Sailor of the Year’ at the ‘ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards’ award ceremony held in Dublin, Ireland on November 6. ‘honor. Organized by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), this annual award is the highest honor in the maritime industry. Ben Ainslie receives Corum watch
     Ben Ainslie is the most successful player in the history of the regatta. He won the fifth Olympic medal (4 gold and 1 silver) in the 2012 Olympic Games and was awarded the ‘World Sailor of the Year’ honor for the fourth time (the first three times were in 1998, 2002 and 2008).
     Ben Ainslie said, ‘It’s a great honor to be awarded this honor again, and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me. The gold medal comes from supporting my team behind me, including my family, friends, coaches and partners. I am also proud to be nominated for this honor with a group of outstanding players. ‘
     Antonio Calce, CEO and shareholder of Corum Kunlun, said: ‘I am very excited about Ben Ainslie being awarded the ‘World Sailor of the Year’ honor. This honor is well deserved.’ He continued: ‘Corum Kunlun’s two brand ambassadors, Ben The extraordinary achievements of Ainslie and Loïck Peyron in the maritime industry, including the nominations and honors of important awards in the maritime industry, have an important impact on the brand and bring international repercussions. We at Corum we all feel proud of Kunlun. ‘
Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Watch
     Ben Ainslie also attended the SalonQP watch exhibition in London last week, and in the Corum Kunlun exhibition hall, was awarded the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor wrist by the brand’s communications director Marie-Alexandrine Leibowitch. table. The brand gives a new look to the classic nautical watch series with a history of more than 50 years. It adds elegance and emotion to the design and enhances the function technology of the watch series to create this watch specially designed for sailing lovers , Coincides with Ben.

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Tough And Solid, No Fear Of Daily Challenges, Boer Watch Warrior Series Night Train Iii Watch

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Powerful functions combined with the extreme brightness, practicality and aesthetics make the Warrior Series Night Train III a model of daily watches, and accompany you to face daily challenges. The minute scale of the 31 mm model uses super luminous coating, while the minute scale of the 40 and 43 mm models also uses miniature gas lamps, with unparalleled brightness, which is still clear and easy to read in the dark. And Amortiser® patented anti-shock technology protects the operation of automatic mechanical movements and guarantees their accuracy.

 Each edition is limited to 1,000 pieces, and you can pre-order at a discounted price from now until September 19, 2018.
Stainless steel strap style
Pre-sale price is RMB 7,500 * (recommended retail price is RMB 11,580 *)
Calfskin belt or high-quality rubber strap with pin buckle
Pre-sale price is RMB 7,000 * (recommended retail price is RMB 10,580 *)

Miniature gas light: pick your own unique color combination
 The hour and minute scales of the 40 and 43 mm models are all composed of up to 61 miniature gas lamps. Now you can choose your favorite color combination in eye-catching yellow-green contrast or colorful yellow-green orange. Miniature gas lamps with built-in radon do not need to absorb external light sources or kinetic energy to continue to emit light.
Transcendent technology fearless challenge
 The night train III40 and 43mm models use Swiss ETA2824 automatic mechanical movement. This movement, known for its precision and reliability, is perfect for everyday wear. In case of a sudden impact, the patented Amortiser® anti-vibration device of Bolt watches effectively absorbs the shock caused by side impacts, reducing the impact on the accuracy of the movement.

Explore as many combinations as you want
 The Night Train III watch is available in three diameters of 31, 40 or 43mm, three dial colors (black, blue or green), and two gas lamp colors to choose from. Various variations allow you to match your own with your own Personal taste.

 Case back engraving service and selection of limited number.
31 mm: automatic mechanical movement BALLRR1104
40 or 43 mm: automatic mechanical movement BALLRR1103
31 mm: 15 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps, placed on the surface, hour, minute and second hand for easy reading at night (the minute scale is lit with a super luminous coating)
40 or 43 mm: 61 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps placed on the surface, hour, minute and second hand for easy reading at night
Magnetic resistance up to 4,800A / m
Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet
Shock resistance up to 5,000Gs
31 mm: hours, minutes, seconds and date
40 or 43 mm: hours, minutes, seconds and convex lens for magnified date display
Case: stainless steel case
31 mm diameter, 10 mm thickness
40 mm diameter, 11.3 mm thickness
43 mm diameter, 11.2 mm thickness
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Screw-down crown
40 or 43 mm: Patent registered Amortiser® shock-resistant device
Strap: stainless steel strap with butterfly buckle / calf leather belt with pin buckle / high-quality rubber strap with pin buckle
Dial: black or blue or green

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Classic Remake Watch Through Time Tells Legends

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The re-engraving is a commemoration of the past, commemorating those brand models that have been glorious, those users are proud of those years, the next generation of players dream of a leader. Behind the replica watch is the DNA that is deeply imprinted in the history of the watch. It has a rich and intriguing story that makes time go back to those glorious and beautiful moments.米 Omega Lunar Timepiece Revisited Moon Footprints
复 Reprinted version of the OMEGA Speedmaster series ‘Alaska Project’ moon watch, relive the enthusiasm and hard work of humans for space adventures in the 1970s, and witness OMEGA’s irreplaceable position in the history of the moon landing.
This situation once again pulled you and my memory back to the exciting moment of July 21, 1968, the American astronaut Armstrong set foot on the moon and left precious footprints. The moon watch worn on his hand made OMEGA famous. In 1970, the Omega Speedmaster was able to save the Apollo 13 safe return to earth with precise timing, and therefore won the Snoopy Award, which represents the highest honor of NASA. Due to its historical significance, a prototype of the Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska Project’ moon landing watch produced in 1971-1973 was sold at a high price of 64,900 Swiss francs at the Omegamania special auction in April 2007. Today, forty years later, Omega has launched a replica of this superpowered ‘Alaska Plan’ moon watch. It relives the enthusiasm and glory of humans for space adventures in the 1970s, and witnesses Omega’s history in space adventures. Irreplaceable status. The OMEGA Limited Speedmaster Alaska Project Lunar Watch is a replica of a 1970 prototype and is produced in a limited number of 1,970 pieces worldwide, in commemoration of this great human space program.特殊 OMEGA Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska Plan’ lunar watch’s special appearance and color are striking. The unique eye-catching red anodized aluminum housing not only attracts people’s attention, but also the color produced by the positive oxidation treatment, which can provide the most complete protection against temperature difference for Speedmaster. In vacuum space, the case must be completely airtight to resist pressure changes. The case is firmly covered by the case, which not only protects the watch from extreme temperature differences, but also through ingenuity The ‘Mushroom Type’ button operates all timing functions. It is also because of this unique and detachable red aluminum case that this Super Moon Landing Watch can be applied between -148 ° C and 260 ° C, and still has a temperature difference of more than 400 degrees. Can run without error.宝 玑 Breguet No.5 Global Reissue 5 Pieces
The famous Breguet No. 5 model was made exclusively for the Earl of Saint Miat. It began to be produced in 1787 and was not completed until 1794 (hence the name 1794). And the Duke of Orleans owned this watch. This pocket watch was finally bought back by Mr. Hayek for the Breguet Museum, setting the highest price for the public auction of Breguet antique watches.
This watch has been auctioned by the world for 210 years, and was finally auctioned by SWATCH Group Chairman Nicholas Hayek. Nicholas Hayek signed a nearly crazy gamble with a well-known national leader to make a true copy of this watch, which took 210 years to win in an auction.
Treasure’s original movement was completely disassembled, photographed, and all copied in the same way. The only concession to Hyundai was to choose a modern escapement to ensure more perfect operation. As a result, a masterpiece full of technical genius and timeless beauty was resurrected. This watch only produced 5 pieces in the world, and the price of each piece is 15 million yuan! The first four pieces were sold long ago, the last one came to Shanghai, and the deposit was only 7 million yuan.
宝 玑 N ° 1160 Queen Mary’s belated gift
Queen Antoinette is a true fanatic of Breguet timepieces. Out of desire for luck and novelty, the queen bought several Breguet timepieces: including an automatic winding watch equipped with Breguet’s research and development. In 1783, an admirer ordered a timepiece from Breguet’s workshop, which was a collection of timepieces with the best of science and technology, as a gift to the queen. This order contract stipulates that every part should try to replace other metals with gold, and the performance of pocket watches should be complicated and diverse. With unlimited time and cost, Breguet’s watchmaking skills can be fully utilized.
Unfortunately, Queen Mary has never had the pleasure to appreciate this timepiece. It was not until 1827, 34 years after the death of the queen, that the work was completed, with a production time of 44 years, and 4 years after the death of the founder of the Breguet brand.
    This Breguet N ° 160 pocket watch named ‘Marie-Antoinette’ has been a watchmaking myth since 1783. Its extreme complexity, its origins, and its story are as epic as legends, which have lingered in the hearts of watchmakers and collectors for more than 200 years. Recently, the fate of this pocket watch has been added to the mystery for decades after it was stolen from the Jerusalem Museum. It has written a new chapter for its legend.
In 2005, Nicholas Hayek set his challenge to fully replicate this watch. After hearing that the oak tree that the queen loved in Versailles was about to fall, he decided to make the oak wood into a watch box to give it a new life. The Palace of Versailles gladly accepted the Breguet watch company’s proposal to give away wood. Just as the production of the re-enactment was about to be completed in 2007, the mysteriously disappearing collection in Jerusalem in 1983 was magically recovered and the legend continued. However, to this day, Breguet Watchmaking has not been able to verify the authenticity of this timepiece.
Breitling Transocean relives post-war prosperity in the 1950s
50The 1950s to 1960s were the era of post-war economic prosperity and development, the era of the modern aviation industry’s full prosperity, and the time when Breitling was brilliant in watchmaking. The well-known Boeing 707, Caravelle, and DC-8 made their first voyages, greatly reducing the distance of the world. Originating from a deep relationship with aviation, Breitling launched a transocean watch named ‘Transocean’ in 1958 in commemoration of the new era of human transoceanic flight. This watch is not only anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, has super waterproof performance, but also uses a high-performance automatic winding movement, accurate and reliable; moreover, it is unique among many watches with its low-key and exquisite design. Praised, witnessed the era of human transoceanic travel, becoming a wrist classic.
In 2011, Breitling once again took inspiration from transoceanic travel and luxury long-distance flights, launched a new series of transoceanic watches, including Transocean and Transocean Chronograph, replicating the legend of 1958 A classic, a tribute to this timepiece’s masterpiece in the history of the brand. The new Transocean chronograph watch uses the classic round chronograph button with retro flavor, expressing Breitling’s respect for the first waterproof chronograph button; and the ‘short stick’ -type hands coated with fluorescent materials, show the modernity of the watch temperament. The dial is both sharp and easy to read. Each three-dimensional hour-marker and chronograph is carefully embedded and decorated with a ‘snail pattern’ (that is, a spiral pattern). Equipped with an exclusive ‘engine’-Breitling 01 movement. It is worth mentioning that, unlike ordinary Breitling watches, the re-engraved models use the classic Breitling logo from the 1950s to the 70s-the unique 18K gold capital letter ‘B’, accompanied by the brand’s English name and year of birth ‘1884 ‘. While the logo is engraved, it also commemorates the legendary golden age.

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