Eberhard & Co Launches Its New ‘naked’ Watch

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1936-Tazio Nuvolari drove his 12-cylinder Alfa Romeo for 300 miles on the Roosevelt Speedway in New York to achieve an extraordinary victory. Tazio and his Vanderbilt Cup were added to the history of racing.
2013-Eberhard & Co. adds a special watch to the Tazio Nuvolari–Vanderbilt Cup series, dedicated to the greatest victory of the legendary rider. The all-black appearance adds to this beloved sports watch A touch of elegance.

Eberhard & Co Tazio Nuvolari Vanderbilt Cup Collection ‘Naked’ Watch

Mechanical, self-winding, water-resistant chronograph with sapphire crystal. It is the first watch with black dial and white Arabic numerals in the Tazio Nuvolari–Vanderbilt Cup series. Its important technical details are inspired by the past, but left to us Interpret time.
Like other chronographs in the series, the chronograph button is coaxial with the crown, reminiscent of Eberhard & Co.’s coaxial chronograph from the 1930s. The case is lighter than previous versions because it has no back cover, which defines it as NAKED.
More familiar to sports enthusiasts, the term refers to a car without a body panel, making its motor clearly visible. Similarly, you can admire the exposed Vanderbilt Cup movement through the sapphire crystal caseback, which is also printed with Nuvolari’s autograph.
The 42 mm diameter round case is water-resistant to 30 meters. The watch has all the characteristics and exclusive features of the Eberhard & Co. Tazio Nuvolari – Vanderbilt Cup series. The dial is particularly eye-catching, reminiscent of the dashboard design of a vintage sports car. The dial is also marked with the initials of the legendary driver-TN.
Equipped with a high-quality, self-winding movement (30 rubies, blue screws, round finish, and Geneva corrugated decoration) to ensure a power reserve of at least 42 hours, this Eberhard & Co. new chronograph There are three classic hours, minutes and sweep seconds; Arabic numerals and hands are white.
The black leather strap contrasts with the white topstitch and E & Co. Custom buckle.
Source: DC-Agencies for Eberhard & Co

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A Passion Passed By Hublot And Ferrari

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Marriage is the highest form of perfect union of souls. When two groups aspire to create a strong, lasting symbol to represent their commitment to each other, marriage is the truest sign. In the watchmaking industry, such marriages are often manifested as partnerships and contain the same promises. Before the formation of Qin and Jin, there is often a long courtship process, which indicates that the two partners have opened an important new road in their own careers. Uniqueness, technology, passion and fashion are the same core values ​​shared by Hublot and Ferrari, the most legendary car brand, and the core of this partnership announced by both parties. Ferrari brings the coveted car to the world, and Hublot will bring the world’s coveted watch to the public.

‘This cooperation relationship contains the joint efforts of both parties, and Hublot has gained tremendous momentum on the way forward.’
-Jean-Claude Beaver
Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and President of the LVMH Group’s Watch Division “Unique, Technology, Passion, Fashion”: Hublot and Ferrari share many of the same values,
The new partnership between two prestigious brands is an important milestone for both parties. ‘

——Luca Claudello Di Montezemolo
Chairman of Ferrari In November 2011, Hublot officially became the global strategic partner of Ferrari, the world’s most famous manufacturer of racing and sports cars. This is not a simple sponsorship or authorization, but an alliance that covers the comprehensive brand image and commercial promotion of Ferrari and Hublot. Globally, Hublot will become Ferrari’s all-round exclusive watchmaking partner-including Ferrari’s ‘Official Watch’, Ferrari ‘Official Timing’, Formula 1 Ferrari Team ‘Official Watch’ and ‘Official Timing’, The ‘Official Timing’ of the Ferrari Challenge, as well as a partner for Ferrari’s special events.

  Mr. Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors, and Ferrari Chairman Luca Claudello Di Montezemolo
In the past 3 years, Hublot and Ferrari successfully held various events

Ferrari 2014 safety cars, Ferrari 458 GT2 and 2014F1 Ferraris parked in front of the Hublot headquarters plant

Since the beginning of World Formula One in 2013, HUBLOT
Ferrari body and racer clothing on the F1 track

   In the past two years, the two sides have achieved results beyond imagination at all levels. More than 300 events were held worldwide, and several limited-edition collaboration watches were sold out. The brand image and visibility have been greatly enhanced, and the research and development design has been fruitful. Since the beginning of Formula One in the world in 2013, HUBLOT has been presented on the body of the Ferrari team and racer clothing on the F1 circuit. From the management team of the Skuderia Ferrari team to the mechanics, the entire team is fully integrated into the HUBLOT family, igniting the passion of Ferrari fans around the world with unprecedented magic!

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Zhenlishi China Red Watch Recommended

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Zenith brought a touch of Chinese red to the design inspiration of the commander’s chronograph, adding a joy to this hopeful New Year & mdash; & mdash; the red pointer rushed away, sneaking in the mysterious Above the black sun-dial dial; the red dates pass by, marking a touch of beauty between the blacks, and the red lines are densely stitched, walking on the edge of the black strap. What else can convey the strong and hidden personality emotions like the combination of red and black? It integrates simplicity and generosity with distinctive personality, while highlighting the retro elegance of the masculine beauty, it also brings together the most sophisticated complex craftsmanship.

Red Primero Commander Chronograph
Limited edition of 500 pieces / Reference price: RMB 52,300
 Presumably there are no women who don’t like the silky texture of chocolate, and no woman who refuses to dazzle diamonds. One can make them feel joy from the heart, and the other makes them exude charm and pride. If you love her, please do not regret these two perfect gifts, so that she will be immersed in full happiness in the coming new year.
 The Zenith Women’s Watch Series has always attracted countless intellectual and independent women with elegant colors and shapes. It is like a precious timepiece jewellery, which blooms technical charm and moving beauty in time. One of the new ultra-thin moon phase women’s watches launched this year is a combination of the two ‘living’ elements of chocolate and diamonds. The chocolate-colored sunray dial is shiny, with 72 faces. Shaped diamond is set on a rose gold diamond case, and is equipped with a feminine complication. It displays the moon phase at 6 o’clock. What reason can she not let her be moved?

Ultra Thin Moonphase Women’s Watch (Rose Gold with Diamonds)
Reference price: RMB 88,800

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Yann Candele Won The Longines Trophy Championship In 2017 ‘csi A Coruna’

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Longines is the official partner and designated watch of ‘CSI A Coruña’, responsible for timing the ‘Casas Novas Equestrian Obstacle Race’ in La Coruna, and Present the highly anticipated Longines trophy.

 The race was held on Saturday, July 29, 2017, and was won by Canadian rider Yann Candele on ‘Usa Normande’.

 Spectators watching the world’s top equestrian obstacle course have the opportunity to explore the designated watch for this year’s 2017 event: a new blue dial men’s watch from the Longines Master.

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I Enjoy Us Together Iwc Watches Create Exclusive Watches For Zhang Ruoyi And Tang Yixin

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June 27, 2019, Beijing-It’s just for you, I enjoy us together. IWC watched the brand’s best friend Zhang Ruohuan and actor Tang Yixin enter the hall of marriage, creating an exclusive watch for the couple to express their blessings. The four letters of YNWA are engraved on the back of a beautiful timepiece, representing each other’s commitment: ‘YNWA, You Will Never Walk Alone.’

   Sincere blessing
   IWC and Zhang Ruoyi are close friends. Gentle and elegant, sincere and frank Zhang Ruoxi always maintains the heart of the child. At an important moment in life, the Spitfire large pilot perpetual calendar watch is a blessing to keep up with each other.

IWC Spitfire Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar Watch (Model: IW503601)

Exclusive engraving on the back YNWA (You Will Never WalkAlone)
   Affectionate blessing
   Tang Yixin, who is fresh and pleasant, always exudes natural youthful vitality. At an important moment in life, the Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch 37 is a blessing for a bright moment, which means to join hands in one’s life and be fearless and beautiful.

IWC Portofino Moon Phase Automatic 37 (Model: IW459004)

Exclusive engraving on the back YNWA (You Will Never WalkAlone)

IWC Spitfire Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar Watch (Model: IW503601)

   46.2 mm diameter, bronze case, olive green dial and brown calfskin strap. Equipped with IWC-calibre 52615, it can provide a seven-day power reserve. The perpetual calendar can automatically identify the months and leap years of different lengths, and the dual moon phase display can accurately display the moon phases in the northern and southern hemispheres.

IWC Portofino Moon Phase Automatic 37 (Model: IW459004)
   37 mm diameter, black lacquered dial with Santoni black alligator leather strap, water resistant to 3 bar. The 35800 self-winding mechanical movement powers the hands and moon phase display. The position of the moon in the moon phase display can be adjusted by the button at ‘2 o’clock’. Romantic and simple, elegant.

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Fei Yada Reveals The Astronaut’s Life In Space

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A rocket carrying the expectations of hundreds of millions of people stands in the Hexi Corridor in northwest China, waiting quietly for the moment of departure. ‘Shenzhou 10’ is ready to go, affecting countless people’s nerves. Space is a magical world full of charm, and life in space is a curious and mysterious topic. Since Shenzhou V, eight astronauts have flew into space in China. They have become national idols and have attracted much attention. So what little-known anecdotes are there in the capsule?

 The space environment is very different from the earth’s environment, where there is no air, no gravity, and it is full of dangerous space radiation. Of course, in a closed space station or space shuttle cabin, there is enough air for you to breathe. Good spacecraft shielding materials can effectively block space radiation, but ‘weightlessness’ will bring some trouble to life. After arriving in space, there are many anecdotes that are hard to reach because of many phenomena, habits and lifestyles that are different from the ground.

Extraordinary eating moves

 Astronauts usually eat 4 meals a day, and the recipes within a week are not repeated. However, astronauts ca n’t eat whatever they want. They must eat according to the recipes prepared by ground nutritionists. They can eat sausage patties, spicy grilled fish, potato roast beef, butter bread, tempeh broth, Various dishes such as tuna salad, biscuits, chocolate, yogurt, preserved fruit, fruit juice and more. Of course, there are rules for eating habits in space: first put food in your mouth, close your mouth, eat slowly, and then swallow it. When chewing, slow down the rhythm. Chewing slowly will help digestion and reduce exhaust gas in the body Production and excretion to avoid pollution of the astronauts’ living environment. Drinking water is also the same. Put a drinking tube in your mouth and open the valve. After suctioning, close the valve and take out the tube, otherwise the water may float into the cabin. Because of weightlessness, water will float everywhere, and it may be sucked in from the nose to catch people, or stick to the equipment and cause short circuit or rust. Therefore, astronauts have to undergo strict training in eating and drinking.

Black and white confused

 Although the astronauts are in space, they still live in ‘Beijing time’, and they say hello to the staff on the ground every day at normal time. However, day and night alternate very quickly in space. This has something to do with the orbital cycle. Astronauts make a lap in 90 minutes, which is one day and one night. When they fly to the shadowy side, it is night. When they fly to the bright side, they are daylight. On the earth, the habit of ‘working at sunrise and resting at sunset’ had to arrange work and sleep mechanically according to the hour. In space, no matter day or night, it’s all dark. This is because space is in a vacuum state, there is no air, no water, and no dust. After the light hits it, it passes directly. There is no reflection, astigmatism, or refraction, so we see that the outside is black. So apart from basic equipment, time means everything to astronauts. All space missions have meticulous time calculations; ensuring accurate time synchronization with the Earth Command Center is the safety guarantee for completing space missions. There is no room for error in space missions, especially for equipment requirements. From God V to God X, Fiyta has always provided Chinese astronauts with a list of ground training and space flight missions. As an auxiliary timing device on the wrist, its excellent performance can accurately and conveniently accompany the astronauts to complete difficult operations such as combined flight and orbiting, which is truly powerful on the surface. In 2013, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the success of China’s first manned space flight, Fiyta also launched a tourbillon watch commemorating the 10th anniversary of the success of China’s first manned space flight.

 Some people may ask that there are computers on the manned spacecraft, space shuttle or space station, and the computer has a clock display. Why do astronauts bring their watches? Because during the spacewalk, the space agency has set a detailed work schedule for the astronauts. Every operation that the astronauts need to perform and every task that they plan to complete have strict time regulations. If the astronauts do not bring watches, Without the concept of time, it is possible to mess around, lose things, or even fail to complete the task smoothly. Therefore, the watch plays an important role for astronauts in the entire flight mission.

Weird scrubbing and bathing

 Because of the weightless environment of space, astronauts are unique in washing their face and brushing their teeth. In order to prevent the water from floating around, it is generally considered to be a rub with a wet towel; when brushing your teeth, dipped your toothpaste back and forth a few times and then wet Wipe your teeth clean with a towel and brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth like on the ground, the toothpaste bubble will fly all over the cockpit. Astronauts generally use electric shavers for shaving. You must also be very careful when using beard dregs leaking out of the shaver. The capsule is inherently small, and environmental issues are extremely important. If tiny scum floats in the cockpit, it will be very difficult to clean up. Bathing in space is even more troublesome. The astronauts have to put their feet in a fixed ring, otherwise the floating body will keep tumbling after being flushed by the water. The water in the state of weightlessness is all small drops of water, which can easily hurt or even kill people. Therefore, astronauts should wear breathing masks and goggles when taking a bath. After taking a shower, the body’s sewage does not automatically flow down, you need to run the water pump to remove it with the air. The water that gets on the canvas cover must also be pumped away. Taking a bath, the real bathing time is only 15 minutes, but it can take 45 minutes to clean up sewage and other preparations.

 Since ancient times, how many people have long been to the palace where Chang’e dances, and how many people want to see the world beyond the earth. It is very lucky to be an astronaut. It is glorious to be able to live in space. Human beings have endless wisdom. Only by constantly surpassing their predecessors can we explore more unknowns; only by constantly surpassing ourselves can we realize our dreams in our hearts. .

10th Anniversary of China’s First Manned Space Flight
Model: GA8600.WHW
Movement: Tourbillon movement
Case: titanium alloy
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Dial: Silver, Space Planet Surface Concept
Bottom cover: titanium alloy,
Spaceship and starry relief pattern
Strap: titanium alloy
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 100 pieces

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Brambles Presents Innovative Achievements In Sydney

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Following Melbourne, the Breguet Australia Tour is coming to the next stop in Sydney. This stop focuses on the history and craftsmanship of the brand.

   The most influential local media was invited to a delicate private residence in Darling Point, Sydney, for a dinner with the theme of Breguet’s innovative achievements. The guests knew and discussed the extraordinary creative career of the genius inventor, A.-L. Breguet.

   His international business network is extensive, including the sale of a standard analog watch to General Brisbane in 1818. This ancient timepiece is on display at the Sydney Observatory.

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Tourism Fashion Bucherer Plavi Traveltec Ii Three Time Chronograph

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At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2016, Bucherer glued a number of precision watches. Let’s take a look at the real shot of the watch returned by the reporting team in front of the watch home to understand this three-time chronograph by Bucherer Plavi TRAVELTEC II.

   The new member of the TravelTec chronograph series from Bucherer Plavier was launched in 2015. Its new model debuted in rose gold and black titanium metal coat. The practical three-time time display and the accurate chronograph function complement each other. Elegant companion on the wrist.

   Plavi TravelTec series has been in existence for more than ten years, and its outstanding performance has won praises from Bucherer timepiece craft connoisseurs and watch fans, and the brand has continued to expand the series’ lineup with report fans. This year’s Plavi TravelTec II series adds a luxurious and smooth rose gold model. The lightweight titanium case back and timing buttons are treated with black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). The color combination is pleasing to the eye, with a black dial and black strap. , Personality transcendent, stunning at first sight.

   The new rose gold case has a diameter of 47.4 millimeters. It is shocking, sturdy, and waterproof to 100 meters. It is definitely the watch of choice for confident men. Its technical performance is also outstanding. The TravelTec series has three time display and timing functions. In one body, it is a technology patent that Bucherer despises peers. The small glass side of the case side sees through the patented system structure integrated with the case. The button at the 10 o’clock side can set the outer edge of the dial to rotate 24 hours. Passengers can use the button to set a 24-hour circle east or west, regardless of the time zone travelling east or west, and each step jumps for one hour.

   Under the 12-hour dial mode, the local time is indicated by the hour and minute hands, and the minute hand continues to advance. The hour hand can be set forward or backward (1 hour per step). By midnight, the date display will automatically advance with the hour setting. Or adjust backwards; the time in the second time zone is indicated by a fixed bezel with a 24-hour hand, and the time in the third time zone is displayed by the 24-hour circle mentioned above; this unique system makes the three time zones clearly visible, which is a masterpiece of watchmaking technology It is very practical for travelers. The back of the watch is engraved with 24 time zones and the names of their representative cities. The birthplace of Bucherer, Lucerne, Switzerland, represents the central time in Europe.

   The Plavi TravelTec II three-time chronograph equipped with the CFB 1901.1 movement is certified by the Swiss official observatory. The timing function is accurate and reliable, and the accumulated time can be up to 12 hours.

   Baselworld 2016 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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Swiss Watches Made In China Swiss Watches Overseas Oem Production Chain

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In recent years, Swiss watches and clocks have been shrinking in the world due to the economic haze, but they have achieved significant sales growth in Asia and even the Chinese market. Swiss watches have always been of high quality and long history. Pure and hand-made products advertise their own status, however, the essence of the original Swiss products is a series of spoiled parts. Swiss watches made in China are an open secret.

 In September, Hong Kong held two international high-end watch exhibitions in succession, which proves the importance of Hong Kong’s position in the international watch market. A deeper understanding is that world watch brands now extend their ‘friendship’ to Asia and even the Chinese mainland market. Hand ‘, and Chinese consumers’ understanding of watches has also evolved from ‘buying’ to ‘collecting and preserving’. Chinese consumers travel to Switzerland and buy a large number of Swiss watches, some of which are local styles and some are investment-oriented.

Swiss watches become ordinary consumer goods?

 However, as early as last year, there were media reports that more and more Chinese consumers are keen to buy Swiss watches, but behind the illusion of high-priced watches, there are mixed bad feelings of display and blind consumption, as well as misunderstandings about anticipating watch value preservation and value addition. According to data from the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, Chinese tourists were the foreign tourists with the strongest purchasing power in Switzerland in 2011, and the average daily consumption of European tourists was 350 Swiss francs, while the average daily consumption of European tourists was only between 120 and 240 Swiss francs. Many Chinese tourists directly admit that buying watches is one of the purposes of their visit to Switzerland.

 Swiss watches are regarded by many Chinese customers as a symbol of success and status, and many Chinese people agree with a very popular saying: Swiss watches can maintain value and increase value. However, people in the Swiss industry point out that most Swiss watches today are large-scale industrialized consumer products and are not suitable investment products.

 Some watches have a brand of a certain era and are indeed collectible. Some brands only produce more than a dozen technically limited watches a year to highlight the company’s image of pursuing superior technology. These watches are usually reserved by buyers early and have a certain collection value. As the saying goes, things are scarce and expensive.

 But most Swiss watches today do not have such scarcity. Some watch brands have already produced more than one million pieces per year. In this way, Swiss watches are no longer rare and valuable, let alone to maintain and appreciate.

 Swiss industry insiders told reporters that in the past, watches were hand-made and exquisitely crafted, condensing the hard work and ingenuity of watchmakers, more like crafts; today, after industrialized production of watches, they become ordinary consumer goods, and the price will decline with the increase in production . Therefore, consumers should be more rational and calm when buying Swiss watches.

Swiss watch, made in China

 A watch with ‘SWISS MADE’ on its dial 100 years ago may be from a quiet mountain village in Switzerland. However, under the promotion of economic globalization, its movement may come from Switzerland, the hands may come from a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, the case may be manufactured on the assembly line of a factory in Hong Kong, and the dial Enamel painting may come from the hands of a Japanese master, and this phenomenon of ‘gathering the best of every family’ is perfectly normal.

 The earliest founding site that received favor from Swiss customers was Taiwan. According to the official data of China Watch and Clock website, in the early days, the main watches exported to Taiwan from Switzerland were Omega, Bulova, and also helped Japan’s Casio, Star, Seiko, etc. Business makes watch parts.

 In addition to Taiwan, Hong Kong is also the veteran of the first defeated foundry. As early as 20 years ago, the watch manufacturing industry was already well developed. At the International Watch and Clock Forum held in Hong Kong in September this year, Li Yanqiao, President of the Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association, introduced the situation of Hong Kong’s entire watch industry in 2012. In the past 2012, the total value of Hong Kong watch exports reached 74.3 billion Hong Kong dollars, a year-on-year increase. 7.9%, total watch exports in the first half of this year reached 35.3 billion yuan. A large part of this is spare parts for watches and clocks. The main exporter is Switzerland.

 In recent years, Taiwan and Hong Kong watch OEMs have faced the problem of transformation and upgrading. Both have moved their production bases to the Mainland. At present, Dongguan, Guangdong, and Shenzhen have set up branches of Hong Kong watch companies. The main problem is the labor costs in the Mainland. Low, land and raw materials are also cheaper. At present, the production of watches and clocks in Shenzhen accounts for 40% of the world’s total, accounting for more than 60% of the country’s watch exports, and the scale of clock and watch parts foundries has reached more than 2,300, which has become the nation’s largest watch production base.

 Most of the Shenzhen watch and clock manufacturing enterprises mainly process watch cases, straps and surfaces. According to the ‘China Stainless Steel Watch Case Market Investigation and Development Research Report’ issued by the China Market Research and Research Center, the manufacturers of current international watch makers are divided into high-end and low-end two levels. The watch cases of IWC, Tag Heuer, Rolex and Piaget have OEMs in Shenzhen and Dongguan respectively. Some brands, such as Omega and Longines, have already established a certain supplier as early as the 1990s. The Swiss watchmaking industry has a long history.

 Given that many Swiss brands insist on being a century-old brand, so far every hand-made watch has been created by hand. Such advertising words cannot be trusted. Adhering to dialectical materialism, some brands have integrated their brand watchmaking history, annual output, and the quality of the products they produce. But for those brands with an annual output of one million, looking for a grandfather to pretend to be in the brand album, pure handwork is far-fetched. It has been previously revealed by the media that Grandpa plays the following important roles in watch factories: assembling apprentices, assembling complex and super-complicated function watches, and taking pictures as pictures.

 In this era of globalization, if a ‘cousin’ or a ‘cousin’ takes a break and unpacks his Swiss watch in the future, and sees that a certain part can be ‘Made in China’, please do not think to buy A, because your watch, there are not many, there are always some OEM products in it.

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Fighting The Sky

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If in addition to the top watchmaking field, there is another field that can make the Breguet family famous, it is undoubtedly the aviation industry. When it comes to the name ‘Bao Di’, people can think of not only fine watchmaking, but also aeronautical engineering. ‘Bao Di’ can be said to be a pioneer in promoting the development of the world’s aviation industry. This prestige was attributed to Louis Charles Breguet, the fifth generation grandson of Abraham-Louis Breguet. Adhering to the innovative spirit of Master Baodi, he has made great achievements in the aviation field that his ancestors have never been involved in.
Breguet’s relationship with aviation
   The fifth generation of the Breguet brand, Louis Charles Breguet (1880-1955), was appointed chief engineer of the family workshop at the age of 22; at the age of 24, he proposed the theory of asynchronous motors, which influenced the French submarine at that time. Research; 27-year-old made the first manned rotorcraft and flew off the ground; he founded an aircraft manufacturing company named after his surname, and the famous ‘Breguet 14’ became famous in World War I; he He was the first person to propose the construction of a wind tunnel aerodynamic experiment, and the first person to design a seaplane. His ‘Breguet 19′ aircraft completed the first uninterrupted flight from Paris to New York across the North Atlantic; he was also French One of the founders of Air France.

The fifth generation of the Breguet brand, Louis Charles Breguet
   While continuously deepening the aviation business, Louis Charles Breguet has always paid tribute to the ancestors’ outstanding achievements in the field of watchmaking, so it has also started to develop and produce pilot watches. In 1935, Breguet launched the first flight chronograph watch. About 20 years later, Breguet developed the Type XX chronograph for the French military. Until the early 1980s, the French National Air Force and Navy were still equipped with this prestigious chronograph.
   A watch worthy of special mention is the stainless steel chronograph Breguet Ancienne Type XX 4100 with special flyback function. This early timepiece was bought by Mr. Breguet in the name of Breguet Aviation in 1952. And became the design blueprint for Type XX models. Because of this historical source, Breguet has inextricably linked with French naval aviation, and the Type series has become one of Breguet’s masterpieces.

Breguet Ancienne Type XX 4100
Type XXI 3817-a unique vintage innovation
   At the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Breguet launched a new model, the Type XXI 3817 chronograph, which continues this series of legends. The new watch has a retro temperament, and at the same time integrates superb advanced watchmaking technology, revealing the 21st century modern style. After spanning more than half a century, Breguet has continued the long-term connotation of the Type series with elaborate and refined products.

Type XXI Series 3817
   The Type XXI 3817 chronograph features a retro-inspired rock gray dial, a smooth steel case, and a calfskin strap. The outer edge of the case is decorated with delicate coin patterns, and the screw-down crown makes it waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement, it has a flyback chronograph function specially equipped for Type XX chronographs since 1954. The application of silicon components adds more technical connotation to this new timepiece. The center of the dial is equipped with a minute timer and a seconds timer, a 6-hour position with a 12-hour timer and a date window function, and a day and night display and a small second hand at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, respectively. Timepieces have become a must-have among similar products. Watch enthusiasts can also see the fine details of the movement through the sapphire glass back cover, which is the first introduction of this design in the Type XX series.
Type XXII 3880-perfect interpretation of military mechanical chronograph
   Breguet designed the famous first-generation Type XX watch for the French Navy aviation in the 1960s. 2010 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Type XX, and is also the centennial anniversary of the French navy aviation. To this end, Breguet reinterpreted its famous military chronograph, launched the Type XXII, and modernized its technology.

Type XXII series 3880 watch
   The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case contains a Breguet chronograph movement with a silicon escapement and a flat balance spring. The frequency has been increased to 10 Hz (72,000 vibrations per hour), showing outstanding performance. The chronograph second hand completes one revolution in 30 seconds, so the timekeeping and reading functions of the watch are doubled in accuracy. The technical exploration focuses on the use of silicon materials, reducing the weight of running parts and eliminating the problem of lubricating oil caused by high-frequency operation. The other hand in the center moves one division every 30 seconds to record the minutes. The rectangular window at 12 o’clock on the dial contains a jump-back hand indicating whether the chronograph second hand is recording the first or second 30 seconds in a minute. The Breguet Type XXII chronograph has a flyback function, of course, it can reset the time to zero and restart quickly. In addition, the dial also includes a second time zone indicator and a window displaying the calendar. With the dual-function crown, you can reset the second time zone indication by adjusting the central hour hand without affecting the minute hand. When the crown is in the same position, the calendar follows the time in the central main time zone. The 24-hour day and night indicator at 3 o’clock helps the wearer know whether the area covered by the second time zone is day or night. The small dial at 9 o’clock shows the rotating second hand, which also completes a lap in 30 seconds, again showing the extraordinary characteristics of the watch. The chronograph’s black dial contrasts with the red flyback logo.
Type XX Aéronavale 3803-100-year limited edition of the French Navy Air Force
   In the same year of 2010, in order to celebrate the centennial of the establishment of the French Naval Air Force, Breguet took pride in its watchmaking skills; in addition to the introduction of the Type XXII series, it created a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces worldwide. Aéronavale ‘. Breguet seldom issues limited editions with independent numbers. Only in this way can it commemorate this unique and extraordinary history written by the sailors of Soaring Sky. This special model is slightly different from the current Type XX chronograph stopwatch (Ref. 3800): the two-way rotating bezel painted in black paint, the Arabic numerals on the bezel are slightly larger than the popular version, specially made for the limited edition The crown and back are engraved with the emblem of the French Naval Air Force and the centenary year, which is such a historic commemorative watch, with an exclusive display case and a limited certificate.

Type XX Aéronavale 3803 chronograph
   The watch’s self-winding chronograph movement also comes with a complex flyback chronograph function, which is a necessary function in the aviation field, that is, the watch can be instantly returned to the watch with a single push on the watch. Zero sum reset. In addition, it has an independently numbered Cal.581 calibre bearing the Breguet lettering, a power reserve of 48 hours, and a Swiss lever escapement structure. The frame is decorated with delicate pits, diameter 39mm, smooth and polished Lugs, two-way rotating bezel, waterproof to 10 bar (about 100 meters).

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