Interpretation Of The Beauty Of Elegant Machinery 2015 Watch And Miracle Montblanc New Product Summary

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As the fireworks of Victoria Harbour National Day have dried up, the third ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition is also coming to an end. Montblanc, a famous Swiss watchmaking brand, creates sincerity with unique creativity and superb technology. It combines elegant tradition, innovative spirit and excellent craftsmanship, showing the brand’s pursuit and determination to uphold tradition, adhere to style and high-end development.
Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch

    Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch is made of 18K rose gold and has a circular dial with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of only 10.24 mm. With smooth lines and harmonious proportions, it combines the delicate case with the slightly curved lugs. Perfect combination to create the best fit to the wrist. The bezel and case back are polished, and the middleware is satin-finished. The light-smoky sapphire crystal transparent dial clearly displays the perpetual calendar display function and the unique moon phase window. It also gives the mechanical watch an elegant and refined artistic aesthetic.
   In order to present the mechanical secrets of complication watches to watch enthusiasts, and to fully interpret the perpetual calendar watch’s error-free display of the year, month, calendar’s outstanding ability and technical mysteries, Montblanc ingeniously uses a sapphire crystal transparent dial for this calendar. On the sapphire watch: the round grained main plate, functional components, especially the mechanical cam that accurately calculates the month and the leap month, the moon phase wheel, and the correction lever and beating device for fixing the position of the blue steel hands in the small dials. Unclear presentation.
For more details, please click: Montblanc Watchmaker pays tribute to this pioneering explorer by creating a second watch named after Vasco da Gama. The 18K white gold Villeret Cylindrical Tourbillon Night Sky Geosphères watch combines a cylindrical tourbillon and a unique world time display to tell the story of Vasco da Gama’s voyage through the two hemisphere night sky in a precise and gorgeous way.
   The various components of the 18K gold dial are patchy and very modern. Inspired by the creative north-south hemispheres, Montblanc designers boldly chose round shapes and round finishes to create this watch. The upper part of the dial is dark black and is decorated with aventurine, forming the perfect background of the tourbillon and its curved concave polished tourbillon bridge, as deep and quiet as the night sky. The lower part of the dial is dark gray, decorated with two spheres and a three-dimensional compass rose design showing the hometown. The hands above the design are decorated with a ‘lily’ shape to indicate the hours.
For more details, please click: Borrowing the 3rd ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition, Montblanc launches a new 18K rose gold Taipan Heritage Collection calendar watch, condensing Taipan series of inspiration, classic design and extreme craftsmanship The legendary Taipan family of the brand soul adds another glory.
   The diameter of the watch is 39 mm and the thickness is 9 mm. The precise depiction of the details makes the practical functions of the watch perfectly integrated with the design of the times. The watch uses a micro-arch dial and is decorated with radial patterns to create the best. visual feeling. The 12 o’clock position is decorated with Roman numerals; the hour scale is made of faceted wedge-shaped inlays with different lengths, and the calendar window at 3 o’clock is made of matte. In addition, to further highlight the charm of timing, the classic pointer design has become an indispensable element. Montblanc uses toffee-style gold-plated hour and minute hands. Its slim style and delicate dial facets complement each other, creating a high degree of discrimination and reflecting the beauty of time rhythm.
For more details, please click: Montblanc created new Bao Xi Yue Yuan series watches with creative inspiration and extreme watchmaking technology. The new rose gold watch inherits the classic design style of Bao Xi series: the case lines are simple and soft, faceted The lugs are slightly curved, and the curves of the floral Arabic numerals are graceful. They are engraved on the dial with a diameter of 36 mm. The elegant and elegant appearance design and the complex functions of the independently developed movement show the optimism and confidence of Ms. Baoxi. independent.
   Twelve full moon crescent windows at 12 o’clock and moon phase display windows at 6 o’clock echo each other. Day and night change, and the seasons change. Time travels between the lack of the bright moon and flows above the graceful style of the wrist. 90 finely faceted silver-white machine-engraved dials are lined with graceful floral Arabic numerals, which echo the leaf-shaped hands and present a natural and dynamic vitality. The crown is also inlaid with a Montblanc’s unique star-shaped diamond, showing the noble and elegant feminine charm.
For more details, please click: 238

    Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Two-Date Timepiece Gamma Limited Edition is equipped with a super practical and complicated function developed by Montblanc Watch Factory. It can simultaneously display the time in the second time zone (local time) and the time zone of the wearer’s departure time zone. At the 12 o’clock position of this limited edition watch, the center of the time zone of the departure time zone is decorated with the southern hemisphere night sky. Corresponding to this starry sky that guides Vasco da Gama, a miniature world map with a three-dimensional effect can be found at the second time zone counter at 6 o’clock, and we sincerely invite the wearer to travel around the world.
   This watch is designed for travellers. The silver-white dial is decorated with a sun-patterned pattern and is set with eleven faceted gold-plated indexes. The dial is inspired by Vasco da Gama’s voyage, and the sophisticated chronograph dial. The first is located at 12 o’clock, which is closely related to the time of departure. Its center is decorated with a beautiful view of the night sky with the Southern Cross as the background. In response to the starry sky that guides the advance of Vasco da Gama, the second small dial is located at 6 o’clock, and the slightly curved shape is engraved with a miniature world map. Through its three-dimensional effect, people can fully appreciate the model The watch sincerely invites the wearer to take the wonderful meaning of traveling around the world.
For more details, please click: 90

   Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Da Gama Diamond Edition features a silver-white dial with a beautifully decorated sun-pattern pattern and appliqué scales. It is set in an 18K rose gold case with a diameter of only 9.5 mm and a diameter of 40 mm. It is set with 72 brilliant models. The bezel lines of the cut diamond are classic and smooth. Slightly turning the wrist, the watch refracts thousands of rays of light, like a bright constellation shining in the night sky, especially like the little star light of the Southern Cross in the Milky Way.

   The watchmaker simplifies the reading time through the almanac watch, so that the wearer only needs to manually set the date once on the morning of March 1 of the year. At other times, as long as the watch is fully wound and functioning properly, this complex device can automatically ensure that all calendar-related functions have the required settings and accurately display calendar information.
For more details, please click: 25

    Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronometer Series Tourbillon Minute Chronograph Express Gamma Diamond Edition combines the short-time timing function with the patented tourbillon to ensure absolute accuracy, highlighting the superior and sophisticated timing function. The most striking feature of this limited edition watch is undoubtedly its exquisite decorative craftsmanship. The 44mm white gold case, with a bezel set with 76 diamonds, and the polished satin finish make this watch even more prominent. Elegant and dazzling.
   The dial’s multi-layer structure and elegant finish highlight the two complex functions of the watch. The most striking thing is undoubtedly the oscillation of the balance wheel, which rotates once a minute to inspire people’s curiosity about the function of the mysterious tourbillon. The dial is decorated with a dark blue aventurine, which is particularly eye-catching. Numerous small dots represent the starry night sky and symbolize the southern hemisphere starry sky that guides Vasco da Gama.
For more details, please click: The above is the information related to the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to offer more, More intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention.
2015 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Watch Exhibition Report Topics:

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30 Kunlun The Golden Tube Watches

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On the 55th anniversary of the brand’s founding today, Kunlun has selected three contemporary museum collections to recreate and reinterpret life-giving; in addition to proving the brand’s heritage of clock and watch design In addition to contemporary innovation and superb technology, it also once again highlights the classic reproduction of the immortal legend, evoking a good time of nearly half a century.

    Since the establishment of the brand Kunlun in 1955, René Bannwar has set his ambitions and promised to be a pioneer in technical leadership in watchmaking. This decision also allowed him to develop and create many amazing representative works in the future; such as ROMVLVS (Roman lettering series), Admiral’s Cup (Admiral series), Golden Bridge (golden bridge series) with extreme craft performance, etc. Kunlun did not choose to completely express the endless creative spirit of its brand with male models, but interpreted the perfect interpretation through several female models that were added later. In 2010, with this rare brand anniversary, a limited edition collection of museum collections-the treasures set was launched, allowing the world to be touched by its dazzling light again, returning and recreating its extraordinary achievements.
    The first watch in this classic museum collection series, the Golden Tube; dates back to 1957, this simple yet imaginative geometric design embodies the unparalleled elegance and unique elegance of the 1950s It also perfectly reflects the contemporary popular spirit of the early 20th century. The design concept of ‘The Golden Tube’ is derived from Hubert de Givenchy, the most influential top design master in French fashion in the name of pure, perfect, classic lines and top fabrics, published by Hubert de Givenchy in 1957. The dress ‘Sack Dress’ is a curved straight dress. Note: This dress appeared in the well-known movie ‘Tiffany Breakfast’ and was worn by the leading American Hollywood actress-Audrey Hepburn.
    ‘The Golden Tube’-with a look similar to ‘Cuff-Watch’, presenting a 14.5mm diameter and 31mm length watch or jewelry accessories; it is different from the specifications of the previous system and subverts the past And using a ‘Lucky Charm’ concept of accessories, like a hand-pulled through the strap, and can slide freely up and down along the strap. And this elegant and small box, the appearance is completely covered by top-level gems, forming a line of vertical shining and moving diamond lines; The Golden Tube is a total of 342 gems inlaid and decorated, weighing a total of 3.58 carats, of which The focus is on the clever arrangement of the horizontal crown at 12 o’clock and the white domed mother-of-pearl dial; the dial is topped with three top diamonds at 3 and 6 o’clock At 9 o’clock, the case is available in white gold with a crocodile leather strap and a rose gold strap. There are a limited edition of 30 pieces worldwide.
Golden Tube 2010: NT $ 880,000 in Taiwan (White gold, mother-of-pearl face plate)
    This replica collection of museum treasures will be published for the first time in the Kunlun watch brand stores-(Geneva, Hong Kong and Shanghai); and after November 2010, select 10 global overseas points of sale in limited quantities.

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Continuously Optimistic About The Chinese Market The 24th Sihh Watch & Watch Fair Interview

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At the 24th Geneva International Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH), Watch House is honored to interview Mr. HannesPantli, a member of the board of directors of IWC. Watch House asks Mr. HannesPantli for related issues of concern to netizens. Let’s take a look at the Chinese market and future plans in the eyes of Mr. HannesPantli.

Watch House: At present, the watch market is fiercely competitive. How does IWC keep ahead in such a fierce competition?

Mr. HannesPantli: Our brand attaches great importance to the Chinese market. We are very optimistic about the Chinese market and have always been very satisfied with its performance in the Chinese market. Although the economic growth has slowed slightly in the past two years, it has not affected our confidence in the Chinese market. We will also launch some new watches to respond to changes in this market. Focusing on the Chinese market is not just focusing on Chinese local consumption. Chinese buyers have a strong purchasing power all over the world. In several well-known tourist cities in Switzerland, cooperative retailers can achieve 50% of their tourism consumers’ sales from China. We are concerned that only 3.8% of Chinese tourists go to Europe, and only 3.8% have created such a large spending power, so we are very optimistic that more Chinese people will come to Europe for sightseeing in the future, driving Greater consumption.

Watch House: What do you think of the Chinese market?

Mr. HannesPantli: No matter from the population of China or the speed of China’s economic growth, we are full of confidence in the Chinese market. The Chinese market is also a very important market for us, and we also value the Chinese market very much. We find that Chinese consumers are constantly growing and their tastes have changed. They no longer like some classic or special watches as they did before. Now they have more demand for new designs and are selling well in other parts of the world. The styles are definitely selling well in China. We have also made special models for China in the past. For example, in the Year of the Dragon we launched the Portuguese special model of the Year of the Dragon. Such models are also very popular in China. Other models are global. .

Watch House: IWC launched the ‘Little Prince’ commemorative series at the Hong Kong Watch Fair last year, which is very popular. Will IWC launch similar special models this year?

Mr. HannesPantli: The Little Prince series we also know is very popular in China. At present we have some plans under discussion, such as new models or other cooperation, but the specific situation may come to Hong Kong clocks and miracles in September. Announced in the table show, currently we have no way to disclose more.

Watch House: ETA movement factories will have less supply, will this have an impact on IWC? Will IWC introduce a low-cost watch with its own movement in the future?

Mr. HannesPantli: At present, we still maintain a very good cooperative relationship with ETA, and we will not be affected by the reduction in ETA output. Now we are also preparing a new factory. We will invest considerable capital in self-produced movements. We plan to use our self-produced movements in 2017 in a comprehensive manner. In recent years, some people hope that we will use more self-produced movements. We believe that ETA movements are very guaranteed in quality, because of cost considerations. When manufacturing 100 movements and 1 million movements, the And cost control is another very big difference. At present, if we fully use the self-produced movement, the price of the watch will also increase, this part is also a part we need to consider.

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Famouran Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin Visits Watchmaking Workshop

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Famouran Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin and his beloved wife Yuan Yongyi started the journey of watchland watchmaking workshop, experiencing the essence of high-end watchmaking, and discovering this mysterious machine belonging to the master of complex functions, Famulan World and magnificent treasures of time.

 Zhang Zhilin, who has been the ambassador for the Franck Mulan since 2013, is a Hong Kong superstar with numerous film and television songs and awards. He is well known for his gentle and handsome image. Zhang Mulin is favored by Fa Mulan’s exquisite craftsmanship and creative thinking. Both sides share a common passion for extraordinary innovation, striving for breakthroughs, elegant taste and traditional craftsmanship. This trip is also the most exciting and anticipated journey of tracing the origins of Zhang Zhilin’s years as the ambassador of Franco Mulan, so it is of special significance.

     In 1995, Famulan set a new milestone by setting up the Watchland watchmaking workshop in the small town of Genthod, Geneva. Many famous artists and thinkers have been attracted to and lived in this paradise. Together with its spectacular views of Lake Geneva to the MontBlanc Mountains, and the spectacular views of the Alps, this land is even more prominent. After being renovated and rebuilt, the manor has become a unique watchmaking workshop where the case, dial, mirror and even the movement can be produced by themselves.

     At the Watchland Watchmaking Workshop, strolling through the time corridor, Zhang Zhilin watched the watch’s watchmaking process from substrate polishing to ultra-complex advanced watchmaking. The well-organized and elaborate production techniques, including the amazing patience and professional skills required for these steps, such as decoration and assembly, all reflect Famouran’s passion for creating excellent timepieces.

     Under the guidance of Patrice Couston, the chief watchmaker of the tourbillon workshop, Zhang Zhilin challenged the assembly of the Vanguard Gravity watch. After completing the assembly in person, Zhang Zhilin couldn’t help marveling at the complexity and difficulty of completing a watch, and sincerely lamented that the Franck Muller watch is not only an exquisite thing on the wrist, but also an art worthy of collection.

     Vanguard Gravity blends with sports design style, with perfect and smooth lines, fully showing the watch’s unparalleled power. The new tourbillon frame concept is made of aluminum. The traditional tourbillon bridge and pillars have become harmonious and marvelous ovals, with diameters of 21.2 mm and 7.7 mm, respectively. The 14mm eccentric balance wheel makes this unusual tourbillon more distinctive.
 The rubber on the bottom of the strap perfectly matches the wrist shape, making the overall design of this watch more harmonious and pleasing. The strap is available in a variety of materials, including fabric and crocodile leather. Available in titanium and 18K rose gold, or white gold, and the bridge is available in six vibrant colors. The watch is inspired by the astronomical world and fully reflects the idea of ​​the future.

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Eberhard & Co’s New Chrono 4 Géant Watch

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Eberhard & Co. launches its new Chrono 4 Géant titanium watch, a stainless steel version of which was released last year at the prestigious BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery Show clock .
The launch of this new 1887 titanium special limited edition watch is to commemorate the company’s founding year, explore the world of titanium, and become a source of brand innovation and inspiration.

The Chrono 4 Géant limited edition titanium watch not only inherits its previous style representing strength, sturdiness and vitality, and every design detail has a powerful and decisive influence. This is a watch with extremely explosive power. An unforgettable 46 mm diameter titanium case, polished and polished, locked with PVD-treated screws and engraved with the name of the series Chrono 4 Géant and ‘never forget who you are Who are you ‘motto. Water-resistant to 200 meters, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Chrono 4 Géant titanium version is specially lined with black dial, round metal plate is decorated with Côte de Genève, with 6 black screws, inscribed with red ‘E’ Sign.

The applique fluorescent hour markers and the central seconds hand are very eye-catching, embellished with black and spiral-shaped counters, in sharp contrast. In addition, the limited edition Chrono 4 Géant can be optionally equipped with a vertical pit pattern rubber strap or a titanium ‘Chimère’ strap, which once again demonstrates the power and vitality of the series.
Source: Eberhard

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Simple Way To Determine Whether A Nomos Watch Is Magnetized

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A simple way to determine whether a watch is magnetized. Many netizens ask, what are the symptoms of nomos watches and other brands of watches being magnetized? Experts from the website of the watch home website said that the watch is generally fast if it is magnetized, and it will stop if it is severe. If the hairsprings are sucked together, the watch will go faster, about 2 hours / day, and the steel parts are most easily magnetized, including the escapement wheel and fork, as well as the hairspring and magnetic force. Will affect and disturb the oscillation cycle of the balance wheel. In today’s daily life, strong magnetic fields can be seen everywhere. The most typical is the magnetic buckle of a leather bag. Most of that thing is made of aluminum iron boron. It has a very large magnetism and various electrical appliances. Therefore, watches are easily unknow Already. The easiest way to judge is to lay it flat with a sensitive point compass. Then quickly and repeatedly watch the watch over the top of the compass, this action also needs to change the watch a few more positions, and then repeat …….
    As long as the compass needle moves. This indicates that the watch has been magnetized. Demagnetization can be done. The principle of the demagnetizer is to generate an alternating magnetic field. If you put the watch in this magnetic field, it will be demagnetized; if it is a constant magnetic field, it will be magnetized. Demagnetizers can be bought or can be made by yourself. General professional stores have demagnetization services. Anti-magnetic watches are usually marked, and the anti-magnetic components are the core ring or core cover made of soft iron.
Important: Keep your watch away from magnetic fields! For example, if you use an LCD monitor with a computer or TV, there is almost no magnetic field effect; you must be careful when using a CRT monitor, especially when turning on and off, do not stay near the screen! Not even antimagnetic watches!

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Summer Is Still Hot. Diving Watch Comes To The Rescue.

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Spring in Beijing is very short. The weather in March and April is already comparable to summer. T-shirts and dresses can finally say goodbye to bloated and light clothing. As the weather gets warmer, the same is true for watches. Time to change to a ‘refreshing’ watch for the hot summer.
TAG Heuer Diving Series WAY2150.BD0911

Product model: WAY2150.BD0911
Domestic public price: 36050
Watch diameter: 40.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Calibre 5
Case material: stainless steel / 18k rose gold, unidirectional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 752 7733 4135-07 4 24 64EB

Product Model: 01 752 7733 4135-07 4 24 64EB
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Oris 752
Case material: Multi-piece stainless steel, minute scale ceramic top ring
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: oris / 61538 /
Watch Comments: In addition to the stainless steel bracelet, rubber is also a good choice. The multi-piece stainless steel and minute scale ceramic bezel are very delicate and rich in quality. A touch of ocean deep blue adds a coolness to the hot summer. The watch uses a self-winding movement with a water resistance of 300 meters and a 38-hour power reserve, which is very powerful. The strap design is also very practical. The buckle is provided with an extended safety folding buckle setting to give the wrist a better wearing comfort.
Longines Sports Series L3.340.4.96.6

Product model: L3.340.4.96.6
Watch diameter: 34 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: L156
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: longines / 42965 /
Watch Reviews: The watch is 34mm in diameter, a watch that is suitable for women. The strong diving style brings a cool personality to girls. A touch of blue dial, refreshing and clean, the classic layout is simple and practical, and the iconic diving bezel, the classic design will be versatile. The watch has a water resistance of 300 meters, a double-fold safety buckle, a diving extension device, durable steel, and does not sweat easily. I believe it will bring you a coolness in this hot summer.

Summary: general metal watches will be a good choice in summer, clear and cool, even if you sweat, you don’t need to worry about damaging the strap. In the hot summer, go to the beach to swim in the water, it is very convenient to choose a diving watch Waterproof and durable frequently.

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Earl’s New Concept Boutique Landed In Taipei 101 Tower

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Recently, Piaget’s brand-new concept boutique, the world’s top jewelry and watch brand, has made a strong landing in Taipei 101 Building. On the opening day, the guests came to cut the ribbon for the new store.
Guests cut the ribbon for the new concept store
 In addition to Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Earl’s Global Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Dimitri Gouten, President of Earl’s Asia Pacific Region, came to Taiwan to attend the event. Earl also invited the international superstar Liang Yongqi to dress up to add starlight to the ribbon-cutting event and witness the Earl’s shining legend New page. On the evening of the event, Piaget created a splendid feast of top VIPs, showing Piaget’s luxury special treats.
Piaget’s New Concept Store Settles in Taipei 101
 This Piaget concept store is the first specialty store in Taiwan to adopt a new architectural aesthetic, and will lead all consumers to experience Piaget’s classic treasures together. Unique design pattern, delicate interpretations in many modern-style interior furnishings, so that every guest visiting Piaget deeply feels the core value of Piaget brand, whether it is the comparison of the use of natural building materials, the choice of unique lighting, or It is an exquisite window design, and then displays Piaget’s perfect requirements for luxury texture and meticulous workmanship. It fully echoes Piaget’s exquisite craftsmanship of fine watches and top jewelry.
 Liu Yuxuan, General Manager of Piaget Taiwan, said: ‘I’m very happy. We have introduced Piaget’s first new concept boutique to our guests in Taipei. This shop is another masterpiece of Piaget following Oriental Mandarin’s new concept flagship store. The market power of boutique consumer products is highly valued by the brand’s headquarters. ” Earl has always spared no effort in the creation of fine jewelry and watches, in order to provide collectors with more refined consumer experience, this time the boutique opened, Piaget will invite honored customers Witness a new chapter in Piaget’s beauty, through perfect persistence everywhere, savor the superb craftsmanship and experience the luxurious shopping experience. ‘
 At the same time, in order to celebrate the new opening of Piaget’s new concept store, Piaget will specially launch the Couture Précieuse series released in SIHH in January this year by air from Switzerland to Taiwan to offer Taiwan VVIP exclusive appreciation. The Piaget Rose series once again shows the Piaget brand jewelry craftsmanship gene and romantic character, transfigured into beautiful jewelry.
Brand new building experience
崭 The brand new space of Taipei 101 boutique is loyal to Piaget’s openness, tolerance and innovative soul, leading visitors to explore Piaget’s treasures. The extremely bright and simple architectural design complements the creation itself and is a modern and harmonious unique display space. It witnesses the brand’s exquisite skills in the two major areas of high-end watches and jewelry, which are unique and unique. The furnishings in the store are designed by Christine Querlioz, an architect from Atelier Sasha Architects in Paris, showing the brand’s new architectural style. Stunning interior furnishings with multiple exploration areas (tripod stands covered with dome glass covers showing entry jewellery), fascinating surprises (display windows with theater activity tracks, display jewelry can be recycled Mobile), or a collection of brand history (the Earl family, a selection of Hollywood celebrity photos since the 1970s). Leather and oak tables, large gold and smoky curtains, and black lacquered, green rust, and slightly shimmering pearly carpets-a warm, luxurious atmosphere created by exquisite monochromatic media , I am born for every moment of pure and joyful visit. ‘Everywhere, I play with the contrast between bright and matte, so that the light can be brought alive and interact with the media used.’ Architect Christine Querlioz said that the new sensory feast is rigid and soft. Economic beauty.
New boutique concept from Piaget image
Earl’s Boutique Taipei 101 3F
The brand-new design concept store has a modern architectural configuration, which makes the top craftsmanship and the elegance of the Monarch in parallel, perfectly harmonizing the legendary rich assets of the brand. The brand-based creative culture and extraordinary uniqueness also shine in the details painted by the new concept. Christine Querlioz’s new design concept is a travel invitation to the Earl World, conveying the core value of the Earl family. The brand-new furnishing space is well-built and elegant, and the atmosphere in it is far beyond the appearance, which reflects the elegant origin of the brand from Switzerland. Whether it is the contrast of bright and matte building materials, or the choice of unique projection theater lights, it outlines the unique and elegant side of Piaget; with black and gold as the main color, some inspiration from the Vienna Separatist art The subtle touch of luxury during the Viennese Secession period, the new decoration concept will strengthen the luxurious texture of each creation and the meticulous work of generosity. Creates a rich and delicate environment, a subtle yet simple yet luxurious subtle blend of brilliance, the radiance of the new furnishings, and the subtle differences in the halo are captured without any omission, forming a personality covering the comprehensive characteristics of Piaget spectrum.
 From the exterior walls decorated with black, gold, and blue mosaic tiles to green rust-colored walls, or oak-colored woven furniture, exquisite humanistic details are revealed everywhere, showing the deep connection between Piaget and traditional techniques; The design is like a large jewellery box decorated with gold leaf strips. Visitors are invited to experience the magical beauty of Piaget and pay tribute to the value of old craftsmanship. This styling concept originated from the previous chain makers. When the finished master or rough embryo model was received from the master of the workshop, it was stored in a similar jewelry box, and this tradition has been almost lost today. Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique will lead you to distinguished guests and enter a brand new world dedicated to Piaget’s extraordinary beauty. With the honorable view, the new legendary page will be opened!

Gigi Leung Performs Earl Couture Precieuse
Liang Yongqi’s temperament appeared romantically and elegantly, a wonderful interpretation of Piaget’s top luxury
 The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Earl of Concept boutique in Taipei 101 was opened. The distinguished international superstar Liang Yongqi was invited to attend the ribbon-cutting guest, and Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Earl’s Global Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dimitri Gouten, Earl’s Asia Pacific President, and General Manager of Earl Taiwan Liu Yuxuan opened the perfect chapter for the opening ceremony together. Liang Yongqi wears a full set of jewelry of the Couture Précieuse series, presenting a romantic elegance.
 Liang Yongqi is very excited about the invitation. She is happy to say that she has always been a lover of Piaget. The elegant and noble and creative design style of Piaget made her most fascinated, especially the Piaget Rose series inspired by Yves Piaget Rose. The jewellery and watch works made her seem to be able to smell the strong scent of roses. I really wanted to ask my husband to propose to her again with the earl’s ring.

 She has also worked happily with Piaget several times in the past. Last week, she attended the Hong Kong Golden Awards as the guest of honor, that is, she chose to wear Piaget’s top jewelry to shine on the red carpet. Regarding the goods worn at the event this time, Liang Yongqi said: ‘I learned that the Couture Précieuse jewelry worn today was only released a few months ago, especially for the first time that the event was shipped from Swiss Air In Taiwan, its design concept is to take the weaving flower element in the high-end custom uniform, so that the jewelry becomes the diamond-like weaving flower of the second layer of skin. Everyone says that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. When you wear it, I feel this sentence The true meaning of the words. ‘
 When seeing Piaget’s new concept store, Liang Yongqi exclaimed: ‘Very luxurious and noble, beyond the pattern of ordinary boutiques. It is basically like a mansion. The unique architectural concept and the design ingenuity of many small corners in the store provide A very comfortable and elegant shopping environment. ‘
Earl Global CEO Mr. Philippe Leopold-Metzger arrives in Taiwan to attend the opening event

Xie Yifen attended the VIP dinner of Piaget 101 Boutique as the opening performance guest
Supermodels perform Piaget high jewelry and watches
Celebrities gather classic retro style
 For the grand opening of the new concept store, Piaget specially transported thousands of Piaget exclusive Yves Piaget Rose to Taiwan to create a top dinner full of rich romantic floral fragrance and exclusive Piaget guests. Wang Yiren and Li Qianrong were all dressed up to attend the feast. The banquet kicked off with the superb dance skills of tap dancers, followed by a group of models led by the supermodel Li Xiaohan and interpreted Piaget’s top-of-the-line jewellery in a classic 20s retro and luxurious atmosphere. On the stand, Janet (Xie Yifen), an artist who held a rock symphony concert of ‘Crazy Rock and Hard Taiwan’ with Luo Dayou on the National Concert Hall, once again showed the countless exquisite violin playing skills for Piaget. Amazing cross-border performance. Yif, a mysterious and magical artist from France, dedicated his first boutique dinner show to the count, and led guests into a journey of exhilarating fantasy through the magic of Yves Piaget Rose. After Ye Jinling’s golden voice, she dressed in an elegant fashion and sang the first classic track with charm. The wonderful feast gathered by celebrities this night also marked the perfect period in the fascinating singing.
New architectural pattern, ultimate luxury experience and service
 Earl of Piaget, a Swiss luxury watch and jewellery brand, is located in one of Taipei’s most iconic landmarks, the boutiques of Taipei 101 International Shopping Center, and held a grand celebration on April 19. This store is the first store in Taiwan to adopt a new architectural concept. It is based on Taipei 101 with a collection of famous products. With a macro international perspective, it perfectly displays the essence of Piaget’s classic high-end jewelry and watch creation. Service and the ultimate luxury shopping experience.
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Iwc 150th Anniversary Special Edition Series Watch Preview

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In December, IWC previewed the anniversary special edition series to be exhibited at the 2018 SIHH in advance to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the upcoming brand. There are 27 limited edition watches, made by Portugal. Series, pilot series, Portofino series and Da Vinci series, which also includes a first digital watch with hours and minutes, inspired by the Pallweber pocket watch in 1884, words Not much to say, let’s take a closer look at each style.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary to Pallweber’

   The commemorative special edition series made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the brand has been prepared for up to 5 years. Although all works belong to different series, there are still some unified style designs. At the scene, Christian Knoop, the creative director of the brand, introduced that, first, the models are equipped with white or blue dials. ‘They are coated with up to 12 layers in complex production processes. High-quality lacquers, polished and ground, and finally need to be embossed several times. Our inspiration is from the enamel dial of the Pallweber pocket watch with a special aesthetic and historical significance. ‘ Models with white dials are equipped with blue hands, while models with blue dials are equipped with rhodium-plated hands. The embossed dial with blue hands is inspired by the first IWC Portuguese watch (model: IW325) in 1939. Second, all models are equipped with a black alligator strap and decorated with the ‘150 Years’ anniversary logo, which is presented in a logo or engraved manner.

Pallweber Hunter Pocket Watch

   Introducing specific works, the first important watch is the special edition of the 150th anniversary of the ‘tribute to Pallweber’. The first digital watch in the history of the brand was born in 1884 when Johann Rauschenbach, then owner of IWC, and Salzburg watchmaker Joseph Pallweber cooperated. He obtained the right to use the Poweber system, and the watch was born. This commemorative work continues the biggest features of the original model-the digital display is equipped with jumping hours and minutes, 6 o’clock second hand display, but at the same time to increase the power reserve function, a new research and development of the 94200 homemade movement. This new movement has two gear train systems, one of which is specifically responsible for the technically demanding digital display. The power of this independent gear train system will not affect the general gear train system, and ultimately achieve precise operation and 60 Hour high power reserve.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary’ Portugal Series Constant Power Tourbillon Watch (Model: IW590202)

   The second is the ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the Portuguese series constant-power tourbillon watch. Platinum case, white lacquered dial with blue hands, limited to 15 pieces. This watch is equipped with the second new self-made movement, the 94805 movement, with manual winding and a 96-hour power reserve, and for the first time combines a constant-power tourbillon and a simple moon phase profit and loss display, after 577.5 years. Only need to correct one day. The patented constant power mechanism transmits absolutely uniform force impulse to the escapement wheel. In combination with the tourbillon, it can balance the negative impact of gravity on the watch’s swing system, thereby ensuring extremely high accuracy.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary’ Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon (Model: IW504501)

   The third model is the ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the IWC Portuguese series tourbillon watch. For the first time, IWC combines the perpetual calendar and tourbillon device. The timepiece features an 18K gold case with a white lacquered dial and blue hands, limited to 50 pieces. Here comes the third newly-developed movement-51950 homemade movement. The tourbillon consists of 82 parts and weighs only 0.635 grams. In order to make it clearly visible at ’12 o’clock’, the watch designer opened the calendar to advance the ring, thereby integrating the moon phase at ‘6 o’clock’ The moon phase profit and loss position is displayed. The automatic winding system uses a pure gold oscillating weight and has a 7-day power reserve.

IWC Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW459304)
Wearing the 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic, white gold and diamonds

   The fourth model is naturally loved by girls. The diamond-set gold Da Vinci Women’s Watch and the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition, with 18K red gold case, white lacquered dial and blue Color hands, limited to 50 pieces. The watch is equipped with a moon phase profit and loss display at the ’12 o’clock’ position. The case and the movable lugs are set with 206 flawless diamonds totaling 2.26 carats.
Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition (Model: IW358102)

Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition Blue and White Dial

   The last one is a special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ of Da Vinci automatic watch, equipped with a small second hand at the ‘6 o’clock’ position, for the first time to launch the new IWC 82200 homemade movement. This extraordinary watch has a stainless steel case, a blue lacquered dial and rhodium-plated hands, limited to 500 pieces. It is equipped with a fourth brand-new self-made caliber 82200, a newly developed automatic movement with a Pellaton winding system, which provides a 60-hour power reserve. For highly wound components such as detents or cams, they are made of almost wear-free ceramic materials. Through the skeleton rotor, the wearer can admire the movement decorated with beadwork and Geneva stripes.

   At the end, everyone may be confused. The pilot and Portofino did not appear in this anniversary series. In fact, we have already seen it in the preview, but the brand hopes to leave a suspense for everyone. By 2018 It will appear at the SIHH watch exhibition in January. In addition, the brand also officially announced that the new factory will officially open next year. I believe that it should bring more technical support to IWC, watch fans friends look forward to it!

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Yibo Brand New Logo Enabled

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As we all know, revising the logo of a mature brand is a big deal. In 2003, the EBO brand logo was revised for the first time. Today, ten years later, the Ebol logo has been revised again. Tao Li, general manager of Ebo Boutique (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., said that the new logo is richer in meaning and deeper in meaning. This is not an external pressure, but the pursuit of its own brand value. At the same time, Epo has launched the fifth five-year strategy-boutique strategy, which is a new journey for Epo to optimize the growth mode.

下午 On the afternoon of June 27, 2013, ‘Special Art Started Elegant Life-New Proposition of Ebol Brand • New Logo • New Product Launch Conference’ was held at the 24th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. For China’s flagship watch brand Ebo, the bid change after a lapse of ten years means a brand new start. With the official launch of the new logo, the once well-known ‘Forever Sincerity is always true and lingering’ has been loaded into the history book of EBO. At the Yibo brand conference, Tao Li, general manager of Yibo, interpreted the brand’s new proposition.

Engineer means design, manufacturing, especially structural design, process design, and engineering manufacturing. Elegance means elegance, especially temperament and attitude. To interpret ‘Engineered Elegance’ in Chinese means ‘fine art starts elegant life’. Tao Li said: ‘This sentence has two meanings: the first meaning is self-excusement, and the other is advocacy.’
In the watch industry, China is generally considered to be a big country in watch manufacturing, but it is also a weak country in manufacturing. Tao Li pointed out that the revision of the Yibo logo was not due to external pressure, but originated from its own pursuit. ”Made in China’ has been branded with low quality and low price, but SWISS MADE has been labeled by people as expensive but value for money. Ebo is to use the Swiss brand as a new benchmark and learn from their excellence Attitude and watchmaking skills are dedicated to consumers, which are comparable to the Swiss brands, and use ‘good products made in China’ and ‘high-end manufacturing in China’ to achieve sustainable development of national brands. ‘
Tao Li also said that the great social and economic development has changed people’s consumption ideas and attitudes to life. Watches have gradually become a symbol of taste. Consumers have also paid more attention to watch product quality and cultural connotation. Ideas, business ideas and profit models should inevitably change as well.

‘What Yibo wants to do is to start from the beginning, practice the growth methods of designing boutiques, manufacturing boutiques, promoting boutiques, and selling boutiques, vigorously promote an elegant lifestyle, and actively promote the transformation of Chinese consumption into boutiques.’ Say.
In addition, Yibo’s new LOGO still uses the original five English letters-EBOHR. Except for a slight adjustment of the font shape, the brand DNA contained in it continues to be inherited. The first two letters E and B are the prefixes of Everlasting and Brand, which means ‘permanent brand’; the third letter O is the prefix of Outstanding innovation, which means ‘outstanding innovation’; the fourth letter H is the Honest team The first letter of the word ‘Meaning the integrity team’; the fifth letter R is the prefix of ‘Reliable products’, which means ‘reliable products’. The EBOHR brand DNA is represented by the five English letters of EBOHR, and its complete meaning is: ‘Relying on outstanding innovation, a team of integrity and reliable products to achieve a successful brand.’
It is reported that EBOHR has added a new “Double E” brand logo to EBOHR in this logo revision. Its originality is derived from the two English prefixes of “Engineered Elegance”. After the addition of a new logo, the brand identity of the main brand ‘Yibo’ and its sub-brands ‘Kana’ and ‘Yufei’ formed a consistent visual system, and emphasized that Ebo and Kana and Yufei have different positioning The multi-brand architecture is also the same Ebo brand family.
In this launch event, Ebolt introduced the first new products to be launched after the brand’s new image was launched: the Legend of Masters series. According to reports, the master legend series watch is completed by the elite team of Ebo Zhongrui. It integrates the aesthetic commonality between the East and the West in design, and creates eternal value image with many classic elements. It also presents the perfect craftsmanship and excellence of the watch with perfect details Quality has become an eye-catching appearance after the transformation of Yibo Huamei.

   Based on the new concept of “making a good watch”, taking the Swiss brand as the new benchmark, and taking the market segment as the new guide, Yibo vigorously promoted the new process of product upgrading. The launch of the new brand identity and brand proposition marks a new starting point for Yibo to bid farewell to the traditional development model and to practice professional and sustainable scientific development concepts.

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