Huaxinsi Showing Power Reserve Watch

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Whether the movement of a watch is quartz or mechanical, the moment when the electric power and kinetic energy that provide travel time power are exhausted, if this node is ignored, the watch user will inevitably face time. The chaos is like you’re driving on the road and you’re halfway gone. Therefore, there is a fuel gauge in the car, and the watch also needs a power reserve display to remind people to add power in time. Compared with the romantic imagination of the moon phase, the three-question auditory aesthetic, the eternal feelings of the perpetual calendar, the ‘power reserve display’ What sounds cold is more practical and caring. Torsion pattern Bell & Ross BR01 Paratroopers Tourbillon: Skull shape, the power reserve on the 5th day on the left is displayed in five equal torque patterns.
Power reserve first appeared on nautical clocks with extremely high precision requirements, because ships sailing at sea must rely on accurate navigating clocks to measure longitude, and accurate time calculation is also one of the guarantees of navigation safety. Later, with the popularity of pocket watches, the power reserve concept was also inherited, until the appearance of watches, developed a variety of expressions.
Special display MB & F HM No.4 RT rose gold global limited edition: Parallel dual barrels can provide 72 hours of power, mimicking the aircraft’s jet engine double cabin design.
Space-saving fan-shaped display
The more traditional form is a fan-shaped display, which looks quite similar to the flyback function. The advantage is to save disk space, only need to set a bad arc, and its structure is more dexterous in the layout of the movement. It can be divided into two types: it is displayed with numbers and scales, without numbers, and only with a gradually narrowing width. In the former case, because the overall length of the radian is narrow, the numbers that can be marked are also very limited. Generally, it is calculated in days. The power reserve of this watch is a few days, and the number is marked. Hours are divided into limited equal parts and then displayed in sections to achieve as detailed a prompt as possible. Watches with sufficient width to show whether there is sufficient power have more design space in appearance. For example, the Bucherer’s Plavi series makes the pointer “pulling” a bright red color block and gradually moves to the word low, emphasizing the exhaustion of energy. Some watches incorporate the emotional concept of color to show the kinetic energy from high to low; while some female watches ingeniously use gorgeous diamonds of different sizes, color gradients or different diamonds to make gorgeous power reserve displays. People can’t help but marvel at the infinite creativity brought by the heart of beauty.
Back display Panerai LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3-day power reserve watch: The power reserve is displayed on the case back, with the second hand resetting performance.
Precise circle and superior arc display
Slightly simple design is a circle display or a near-circle superior arc display. At first glance, it is no different from the small second hand and chronograph small dial. You need to observe it carefully to distinguish it. In general, the numbers displayed on the circumference will avoid periodic numbers such as 60, 24, and 12 that have the tendency to understand hours, minutes, and seconds. They are similar to the sector display of digital displays, but they are more detailed in the division of numbers. Improves the accuracy of the energy display and makes it easier for the wearer to read. However, such displays are relatively rare, because the visual effects are not eye-catching. In addition, this function is always habitually willing to mark the words POWER RESERVE, HIGH, LOW, etc. Some are even thoughtful to add directly when the energy consumption is half The word CHARGE (charge) urges the wearer to wind the string. It is well known that text is one of the most space-consuming elements on the dial, so the circle display is rare.
Straight Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Watch: This ‘research watch’ tourbillon, automatic chronograph and power reserve display rotate through the barrel.
Rebellious Straight Line Display
In addition, ‘Linear Display’ is a special type, which is often found in the more avant-garde models of the overall design, either horizontal or vertical, adding a rebellious atmosphere to the dial that is used to the curved design. The straight line display feels like a thermometer, but this ‘thermometer’ will only go towards the freezing point step by step under natural circumstances. However, in order to achieve the visual sense of the thermometer, you need to spend a little bit of twists and turns on the movement. Almost all of the wristwatch movements we know rely on the drive between gears. The ‘walking’ method is inherently based on circles. How can arcs be converted into straight lines? This requires adding a linear rack between the gear and the pointer, or simply replacing the pointer with a large rack connected to a small gear, which changes ‘savagely’ with constant response.
Sector Hamilton Jazz watch: The dynamic storage is presented at 7 o’clock with a small dial attitude, exquisite and eye-catching.
Thoughtful special display
Although there are various forms of expression, the power reserve display has always been criticized for its lack of expressive power. The author thinks that it is generally invariable because it is invariable in any case, and it is too practical to make its impression always Stuck on the weak point of ‘design’. However, there are always brands who can’t hold their breath to make a big trick. For example, both Blancpain and Panerai have subverted the power reserve display from the dial to the case back, making it dominate the world and the reading is clearer. The design is also more free, but for those who need to be “reminded”, this function is still better than the dial in the spirit of serving the people.
Sector-shaped Hublot million-dollar emerald: Power reserve is up to 120 hours, and the upper left reserve display scale is inlaid with different shades of green emerald.
Humans have created a wealth of substances and services with ‘reminder’ functions for themselves, such as alarm clocks and ‘wake-up services’ for hotels. The definition and division of time is the initial ‘reminder’, so with a watch to tell you the time. There is no perpetual motion in the world, so the consciousness of the ‘machine’ will periodically disappear due to the exhaustion of power. Therefore, in the final analysis, people still need to be constantly reminded, so an important function on the watch emerges- Power reserve display.
Excellent arc around the circle Omega flying elegant watch: certified by the Swiss official observatory, the display is located at 6 o’clock.

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Breitling Launches Two Swiss Chronograph 8 Limited Editions

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To celebrate the partnership with Swiss International Air Lines, Breitling has launched two exclusive timepieces: the Air Chronograph 8B01 Chronograph 43 Swiss Limited Edition and the Air Chronograph 8 Automatic Mechanical Watch 41 Swiss Limited Edition. Breitling has been the airline’s official onboard timer since 2016.

Aviation Chronograph 8B01 Chronograph 43 Swiss Limited Edition
 The Swiss Chronograph 8B01 Chronograph is equipped with Breitling’s own Caliber01 movement. Created by Breitling independently, this movement is one of the most admired mechanical watch movements in the world. It can provide more than 70 hours of power reserve, which is impressive.

 The central chronograph second hand has an airplane-like pendant, and the transparent sapphire crystal on the case back is printed with the GE90 turbo engine pattern, reminiscent of Breitling’s special cooperation relationship with Swiss International Airlines.

 The Swiss Chronograph 8B01 Chronograph Limited Edition is certified by the COSC Swiss Official Observatory. It is limited to 777 pieces and pays tribute to Boeing 777 operated by Swiss International Airlines.

 This chronograph features a 43mm diameter stainless steel case with a black dial with contrasting small seconds, 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative chronograph.

 Under the curved sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare coating, the dial is clear and easy to read. The date display window is perfectly set at 4:30 on the disk. The hour and minute hands and Arabic numerals are coated with Super-LumiNova® material, which gives the watch a retro look and ensures legibility under any lighting conditions.
Aviation Chronograph 8 Automatic Watch 41 Swiss Limited Edition
 The chronograph 8 automatic mechanical watch 41 Swiss Limited Edition issued a pure style statement. Special decorations, including a second hand with a jet airliner pendant and a bottom cover engraved with a powerful turbo engine pattern, underline the brand’s deep relationship with Swiss International Airlines.

 The sturdy stainless steel case houses the Breitling Caliber17 movement, which can be wound in both directions and provides a power reserve of more than 40 hours. This 41-mm diameter chronograph features a striking black dial, while a brown leather strap enhances its modern retro look.

 The hour and minute hands and the Arabic numerals on the dial are coated with a special Super-LumiNova®, which evokes the luminescent materials of earlier watches and adds a retro touch to the aviation chronograph 8 automatic watch 41 Swiss limited edition.

 Like all Breitling watches, this stunning but understated watch is certified by the COSC Swiss official observatory. Aviation Chronograph 8 Automatic 41 Swiss Limited Edition is limited to 1,000 pieces. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Most Intriguing-parmigiani Toric Quaestor Labyrinth Watch

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Toric Quaestor Labyrinth, the most interesting watch at the Geneva Watch Fair 2013

 This watch extends the creation of haute horlogerie to a symbolic cultural theme. The dial design is based on the maze concept and consists of two layers. The bottom layer is a circle of extremely precious Burmese jade, superimposed with a hollow gold plate surface, showing a comprehensive labyrinth design. The built-in minute repeater movement presents an extraordinary sheer minute repeat melody in a variety of unique designs. In addition to guaranteeing a continuous supply of energy to the mainspring, it also enables the minute repeater to operate without any noise. The large platinum case is able to tune the frequency of sound waves to provide the perfect sound effect.

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Rare Historical Value Omega Timepieces Will Be Auctioned This Weekend

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This Sunday (November 10), the famous Amtiquorum auction house will be auctioning an Omega Speedmaster Omega Speedmaster ‘Space Flight Edition’ in Geneva. Omega Speedmaster’s Spaceflight Edition is precious because they have all been worn in outer space and are rarely sold on the open market. The serial number No. 48261214 is even more exciting because it has been worn in outer space for the longest time-a total of 33 hours, which is unique. It is worn by Ukrainian astronaut Anatoly Artsebarsky.

Left: Anatoly Artsebarsky Right: Omega Speedmaster worn by Anatoly Artsebarsky

Artsebarsky is the captain of the former Soviet Union manned spacecraft. In 1991, at the age of 35, he directed the first Russian-British joint space mission. He also took off with Helen Sharman, the first British spaceman, and Sergei Krikalev, the longest record holder in space. Artsebarsky spent 5 months (full 145 days) on the MIR Space Station, performing various projects and restoration tasks. He also wore an Omega Speedmaster for six unprecedented space walks for a total of 33 hours. When flying around the ground in August of that year, the history on the ground was undergoing earth-shaking changes, and the astronauts were also forgotten in space. Gorbachev was placed under house arrest in Russia, and a coup was brewing in an attempt to overthrow his government. After three days of tense confrontation, the coup was quelled, everything was calm again, and they reconnected with Artsebarsky.
When he returned to the ground in October, many former Soviet Union nations had declared their independence, and the Soviet Union when Artsebarsky left in May is gone. However, when he returned to the ground, he was immediately regarded as a hero of the Soviet Union and awarded the Lenin badge, the Soviet Flying Astronaut Medal and the Outstanding Contribution to Space Development.
Artsebarsky’s Speedmaster is well-preserved and everything works perfectly. Now his owner is a British financier with all the supporting materials, including a watch box signed by the astronaut. I hope to attract interested people to participate in the auction. In addition to watch collectors and space enthusiasts, I also look forward to friends from Russia and Ukraine who love the rare objects in the recent history of their country to participate in the auction. In watch auctions, historical value and who the previous owner is becomes more and more important. Among the items sold in the past, the owner’s items that have happened interestingly, the auction price is between 10,000 to 2 million US dollars This watch by Artsebarsky is estimated at between 20,000 and 40,000 Swiss francs.
Lot: Slim Omega watch worn by astronaut Artsebarsky
When: Sunday, November 10, 2013
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

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Martin Bachmann, New Ceo Of Swiss Watchmaker Maurice Lacroix

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From November 1, 2008, Martin Bachmann, 46, will be CEO of MauriceLacroix, a Swiss luxury watch maker. Martin Bachmann has played an important role in the active development of MauriceLacroix over the past 7 years, during which time he was a member of the Executive Committee and was responsible for the marketing / national operations department.
Martin Bachmann said, ‘I am looking forward to taking on new challenges in my CEO role. In recent years, Maurice Lacroix has grown tremendously to become a Swiss-made brand. It is my management and me to continue this successful strategy The common goal of the team. By doing so, we will further consolidate our innovative strength and creativity. In addition, we intend to use it to inspire our customers in the coming years. ‘

Marc Glaser, 40, will replace Martin Bachmann as head of marketing / national operations, which is his return to the brand after a lapse of 4 years. At the executive level, the marketing department will report to Sandro Reginelli.
Source: MauriceLacroix SA

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Self-abuse Or Self-breakthrough Micro-carving Technology On The Wrist To Survive

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The art of micro-carving brings infinite possibilities to the art of watches. With the development and maturity of watchmaking, mastering time is no longer the only function of watches. Under the skill of sculptors, we You can see the Jin Ge iron horse and sword light sword on the square dial. In the heart of the watch-the movement sees a large ‘blank’ and even the engraving of the great landscape.

 Piaget Altiplano metal engraving watch-the art of carving under the microscope

 The ‘bullino engraving’ technology was developed by an Italian engraver. Traditionally, this craft is dedicated to decorative daggers and hunting weapons, and its name is derived from the engraving tools used by Italian artisans. Because the micro-carving effect is extremely detailed, it can only be performed under a microscope. Chiseling along points and lines can only be achieved by craftsmen engraving with different strengths. The love of watchmakers for watchmaking technology seems to have reached a state of masochism. Rather than the birth of a micro-engraved watch is a process of self-breakthrough, it is better to say that this is a ‘midpoint’ in the masochism game of watchmakers. .

 Piaget led people on a magical journey in 2014, revisiting the dream country built by the Spice Road, and applying gold carving technology to the Altiplano dial.

 Piaget Altiplano metal engraving watch-the art of carving under the microscope

 The master of gold carving uses a microscope to engrav the elephant outline with a metal needle on the gold dial, and then uses metal micro-carving technology to retouch the body of the elephant’s flowing gold. The skin texture, eye position and elephant trunk shape are carefully processed by the master with a background pattern carved with a diamond head chisel, making the composition more delicate and moving. The gray part of the elephant’s body must be micro-carved at a 90-degree angle, while the deeper shadows are engraved at an 80-degree angle. The final finishing work of the metal micro-carved pattern is completed by craftsmen relying on image magnification technology.

 Roger Dubuy’s Sword of King Arthur’s Round Table Feast

 Roger Dubuis watches are famous for innovation in the watchmaking industry. The Excalibur Round Table launched in 2013 draws inspiration from the legend of King Arthur. In the 45mm rose gold case, Miniature technology casts the three-dimensional three-dimensional mold of the legendary round table knights with sharp swords, then casts them in liquid pure gold, and then carefully crafts every detail for each detail to perfectly show the round table meeting of the twelve knights. scene.

 Roger Dubuy’s Sword of King Arthur’s Round Table Feast

 The stunning miniature craftsmanship has created twelve statues of knights with different shapes that are only 6.5 mm in height. This distinctive masterpiece of timepieces is extremely delicate. Only by carefully appreciating its local details with a magnifying glass can it be able to Experience its meticulous craftsmanship.

 RM 51-01 Michelle Yeoh’s Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch-Microcarvings show domineering

 Famous movie star Michelle Yeoh, as a member of Richard Mille’s ‘RM Family’, launched a jewellery watch RM 51-01 Tiger and Dragon-Michelle Yeoh in 2014 to celebrate the ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II’ Published in 2014.

 Richard Mille’s collaboration with Michelle Yeoh can be traced back to the RM 051 Phoenix Tourbillon Phoenix Tourbillon watch launched in 2011. This time, Michelle Yeoh made a fresh review of the internal shape and construction concept of the movement, introducing the aesthetic elements of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, and the tourbillon movement is surrounded by dragons and tigers. Both dragon and tiger are made of 3N red gold and are hand-carved and embedded in the movement. To this end, the brand customized special tools to meet the needs of high-end craftsmanship. In order to make animal images come to life, the artisans have gone through a difficult and long manual detailed drawing process, and even the invisible parts of the naked eye have carefully carved dragon and tiger patterns.

 The baht on the movement must compare

 Superb engraving craftsmanship not only appears on the dial, watchmakers and sculptors have reached the point of ‘masochism’ in the pursuit of watch functionality and craftsmanship. Vacheron Constantin experienced the manufacture of the first engraved balance plate in 1755. In 1924, it launched the first overall engraved movement. Since the 1960s, it has created engraved movements for watches. Experienced research and pursuit across the century. The master of Blancpain’s micro-carving has restored the urban customs of 5 countries and regions, such as Switzerland, France, Japan, Mainland China and Hong Kong, with exquisite carvings, so as to understand the homesickness of travellers.

Métiers d’ Art Mécaniques Ajourées “Carving Machine” Series

 Vacheron Constantin has always been a pioneer in the field of engraving technology. The brand launched the first complete engraving movement in 1924, and continued to manufacture more and more sophisticated mechanical parts in the pursuit of transparency. The Métiers d’ Art Mécaniques Ajourées “Carving Machine” series launched during the Geneva International Watch Salon in 2014 reflects the brand’s passion for breakthrough innovation in carving.

 The watch is equipped with a 4400 manual-winding movement. This is the first time Vacheron Constantin has tried to sculpt a classic homemade movement. The engraving movement is a difficult art. It is required to hollow out the material of the movement as much as possible and carefully ensure the smooth operation of the timepiece. After successfully digging out nearly half of the material for the 4400 solid movement, the sculptor abandoned the previous practice of engraving the main board and bridge with a micro handsaw, and carefully carved the entire circumferential surface of the movement to create a truly three-dimensional, sculpture-like work. Movement. Inspired by the ribbed vaults of the train station’s interior hall in the late 19th century, they carved a fine circular arch pattern on the movement with a charming arc using a carving knife in their hands. The ingenious combination of different hand-polishing techniques brings out the relief effect of the engraved skeleton. The engraving process of the skeleton of the movement alone takes at least three days to inject unique charm into the movement.

 Hong Kong (top left); Japan (top right); Paris (bottom left); Switzerland (bottom right)

Blancpain Villeret series micro-engraving movement-the ‘stereoscopic 3D’ stereo effect

 As one of the few watch brands specializing in micro-engraving, the master of micro-engraving restored the Swiss, France, Japan, mainland China and China with delicate details in the Calibre 15B manual movement of Blancpain Villeret series micro-engraving watches. Urban style in 5 countries including Hong Kong.

 Whether it’s the Great Wall of Beijing or the streets of Paris, every crevice on the Great Wall, every brick, the momentum of winding, and the shadow of the distant mountains … every steel beam of the Eiffel Tower, the dome of the Sacred Heart Church, the Arc de Triomphe Famous high-relief … The gold sculpture team from Blancpain firstly used the knowledge of the architectural characteristics and cultural styles of different cities to draw sketches in the pattern according to the movement board and modify it repeatedly, then gradually reduced the pattern according to the proportion and made Finally presented in the movement. The later polishing and retouching is also an important link that cannot be ignored. The meticulous degree of this process will directly determine the integrity of the pattern, so that when viewed from any angle, it can be kept perfect and perfect.

 The micro-carved elephant pattern blooms with rich colors after the oxidation process. Later, the craftsman polished the work with wooden bolts and sanding paste to add gloss. Finally, paint the surface with ink color. Throughout the complex micro-carving process, craftsmen need to grind the engraving tools with diamonds and ceramic discs from time to time to achieve sharp edges and precision comparable to scalpels.

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Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Officially Becomes The Official Watch Of Racing Metro 92 Rugby Club

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Shang Weisha JeanRichard will cooperate with METRO 92 Rugby Club to become its official watch, which means that Shang Weisha will put its own brand in the sports industry.

Founded in 1882, the club was a pioneer of French rugby and inherited from Hauts-de-Seine. In the 130 years since then, the club has been one of France’s major rugby clubs. In addition, he has repeatedly sent players to the French national football team, including some important leaders. The club has won the national championship five times and will now inject new legends, rewriting history in just a few seasons.

‘A long and rich history, a promising future, and a perfect philosophy of life, this is what Shang Weisha and Racing Metro 92 Rugby Club have in common.’ Bruno Grande, chief operating officer of the Swiss company, said in excitement ‘is in recovery The brand of Shangweisha and the fast-growing legendary club now share the same values: the courage to challenge, the value of teamwork, the desire for a fulfilling life, and no waste of every second. Members of Racing Metro are just like members of Shangweisha Like us, they are extraordinary heroes in ordinary life. They are warriors who dare to explore and discover, and are ready to conquer the world at any time. ‘

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Glasuti Alarm Clock

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Glashütte Original Diary Watch
Zhi Yanyan has already arrived in June. Mentioning this bright month, I believe many people will immediately think of this holiday that belongs to Thanksgiving-Father’s Day. My father is always so busy for the harmony of the family. What kind of presents should be given during such festivals so that the father can feel his children’s constant love for him when he is busy working? Glashütte offers you a thoughtful choice-a log watch.
No other mechanical watch can provide alarms as long as 30 days. Set the alarm, wind up the clockwork, and give it all the peace of mind. Father does n’t have to bother to remember the time of important meetings and flight times to different places. The diary watch will remind all important things, but also remind Every day he belongs to a family gathering. This watch appropriately reflects this precious affection and is the best testimony of the affection of father and son.
日志 This log watch is beautifully symmetrical, with two crowns on opposite sides of the case, each with a button. The crown and buttons on the right handle the large date window at 3 o’clock on the ruthenium-plated dial. Platinum hour, minute and second hands further enhance the elegance of the overall design.
Calendar alarm is one of the highlights of this watch-a ruthenium-colored sub-meter dial framed by a German silver ring at 9 o’clock, and a slightly curved window indicated by a red arrow at 6 o’clock. When the set date and time comes, the alarm sounds-it can last up to 80 seconds.
Glashütte Original
The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the outstanding craftsmanship of Glashütte’s exquisite mechanical watch, with three-quarter plywood, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue steel screws. These exquisite decorations can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass chassis.
In addition to the above models, the diary watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold. The latter has a rose gold case with rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds. The silver dial features rose gold hour markers and a diary alarm sub-counter. The date display and the small indicator of the diary alarm time window at 6 o’clock position are in blue. All versions are equipped with a carefully crafted Louisiana alligator leather strap. The overall design vividly reflects the smart and elegant style of men.

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Kalpa Hemispheres Watch

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In the world of returning from time and space, travel depicts its unique trajectory. With a delicate touch, a private map of travelling like the sensory world emerges.
    To experience this adventurous spirit firsthand, Parmigiani created the Kalpa Hémisphères watch. This new series, with its extremely accurate second time zone display, pays tribute to travel. With one glance, time is in your hands.
    A distinctive navigator-Bernard Stamm, eager to cruise the sea and challenge extraordinary-his wonderful adventure brings the infinite marine charm of the Kalpa Hémisphères series, creating a boundless horizon.
    ‘When I saw the coast, the light became concentrated and bright, and the air was scorched hot by the African land. From blue, to the extremely hot ocher yellow. I felt the power, grand and barbaric, pushing me towards That disturbing and hostile Southern Ocean. ‘
    Detail breeds style and proves elegance. The new Kalpa Hémisphères model, carefully crafted by Parmigiani watchmakers, showcases the unique, gorgeous and colorful craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. Through exquisite techniques, the art of watchmaking shows its essence and pursues the essence of time. Like the same journey of in-depth watchmaking, true excellence is in it. The Kalpa Hémisphères series watches, made of stainless steel and 18K rose gold, with blue, silver, ink and camel dials, present a variety of styles, just like the sweet and sour bits of travel, making people feel colorful charm.
    ‘I passed the finish line as a victor. After experiencing the terrible 40 degrees south latitude storm wind belt, finally, the warm welcome came. An aboriginal dancer presented me with his sacred dance. From the sharp contrast Many strange causes will be waiting for me in this strange land that was born, ‘said Bernard Stamm.
    When innovation is successfully integrated into daily life, its value is self-evident. The Kalpa Hémisphères watch liberates the complicated mechanical gear sets that are usually hidden in order to provide a complete second time zone hour and minute display, which is extremely convenient to use. A rare breakthrough in horological technology that allows independent adjustment of the second time zone minute. The time difference of many travel destinations is different from the synchronized GMT, which is actually half an hour or three quarters.
    The world is constantly changing, and everything must have the ability to adapt to change. In order to allow travelers to adjust local time or destination time at any time, the settings of the two time displays (hours and minutes) are completely independent and do not affect each other. The two crowns on the right side of the case are designed for this purpose, one for adjusting the time zone and the other for winding the movement, adjusting the date and local time.
    Through the complex clutch mechanism of the movement, many different timekeeping operations can be performed. The new Parmigiani PF 337 automatic movement responds to the brand’s outstanding technical requirements. The complex design contained in it can only be born through a complete and comprehensive management control in the watch factory. ½ hour jet lag: India, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Australia (central time zone), French Marquesas Islands, Newfoundland. ¾ Jet lag: Nepal
Central local time
2. Time in the second time zone at 12 o’clock
Small seconds
4. Calendar display
5. Local time day and night display
6. Day and night display in the second time zone
On the chain
    The watch is wound automatically when worn. When the watch stops moving, rotate the watch A in the undrawn position for a few turns to wind it.
    The watch can be wound at any time.
Setting dual time zone time simultaneously
1. Pull crown A outward two spaces.
2. With crown B in the undrawn position, the local time and the time in the second time zone will be adjusted synchronously (the hands rotate in synchronization).
3. Continue to rotate the hands and refer to the local time day and night display until the correct time is displayed.
4. Push crown back into place. Note: When crown A is pulled out two spaces, the second hand will stop moving (second stop).
Adjust local time only
    If you only need to adjust the local time without changing the time in the second time zone, please pull out crown B first (the local time and the time in the second time zone will not be synchronized). Then pull out crown A by two divisions and rotate it, and refer to the local time and day display for time setting. Push crowns A and B back into place.
Adjust time for 2nd time zone only
    To adjust the time in the second time zone without changing the local time, first pull out crown A by two divisions. Then pull crown B out and rotate it, and refer to the second time zone day and night display for time setting. Push crowns A and B back into place.
Set date
1. Pull crown A outward one space.
2. Rotate the crown until the correct date is displayed.
3. Push crown A back into place. As the time zone difference will cause the day and night to be different, the Kalpa Hémisphères watch’s hour and minute display is perfect, adding the second time zone day / night display and the local time day / night display.
    ‘In the monotonous gray background in the distance, the rocky promontory, Cape Finisterre, that is the mark of the earth’s paradise. Finally, I felt that I was close to the final victory. At the end of the game, I expected the joy of reunion, words Indescribable, and once again challenged the sea, an adventure story that has sailed. ‘
    The Kalpa Hémisphères travel watch cannot be perfect without a calendar display. The dial on the back of the dial shows the date and time through a 9 o’clock azimuth window. The date is linked to local time, helping travelers to identify their time and space. Let people taste the eternal Jiguang film feather at any time …
Technical Information
Movement: PF337 self-winding mechanical movement is handmade.
18K rose gold model with automatic gold pendant.
Hand-chamfered ‘Geneva Ripple’ bridge.
Vibration frequency: 28800 times per hour
Diameter: 15 1/4 cents / 35.60 mm
Thickness: 5.10 mm.
Rubies: 38.
Power reserve: 50 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, day / night zone at 6 o’clock local time
Display, second time zone display at 12 o’clock, second time zone at 1 o’clock, day / night
Area display, large calendar window.
Dial: Stainless steel models are available in ‘silver’, ‘ink’ or ‘metal blue’ dials; 18K rose gold models are paired with ‘camel’ dials.
Case: 18K rose gold or stainless steel.
Strap: Full leather or alligator strap.

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Creating A Real Temperament Three Recommended Cool Girl Watches Worth Watching

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Although sweet and gentle are the characteristics of girls, more and more of them have entered the ranks of cool dress. Whether it is streets or alleys, or fashion street shooting, there are always ‘smelly face’ cool girls. They often add tough neutral elements to their outfits, such as cool dark eyeliners, wearing leather jackets and stepping on Martin boots, and other fashion dresses. Hormones, showing a true and able temperament. The three watches recommended today, although not for women, will help you make a more charming cool girl!

Rolex Date Collection 126334

Domestic public price: RMB 71,100
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 3235
Case material: 904L steel; triangular pit pattern outer ring is made of 18ct white gold
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: RMB 56,800
Watch diameter: 40.9 mm
Case thickness: 12.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 79350
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: DUE series PAM00755 watch

Product model: PAM00755
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Case thickness: 11.20 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: OP XXXIV
Case material: AISI 316L stainless steel (strongly resistant steel alloy)
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: DUE series One of the new Panerai brand’s new products this year has attracted much attention, because Panerai, known for its rugged and atmospheric style, has launched a new 38 mm ‘small watch diameter’ for the first time in the series. Different Pei Fan children can be used by more small-handed people. Although many girls like Dai Panerai before, the big watch is not very friendly. And this new product just happens to meet this demand, I believe that more women will fall in love with this unique timepiece brand. In addition, many of the brand’s characteristic classic designs have been retained, such as the pillow case, the patented crown bridge and the classic small three-needle dial design. It also incorporates rich strap colors to make the watch more lively. This watch is the most popular one, because its green strap and sunray gray dial are very cool.
Summary: Looks like Gao Leng Aojiao, in fact, Cool Girl’s heart is still hot. No matter from dressing up or communicating, they will intuitively convey their ideas to each other, showing true disposition and true self. The three watches recommended to you today are the cooler choices for cool girls. If you like them, you may click the link below to learn more about the watch.

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