Recently Accumulated Strength For Hundreds Of Years To Show Outstanding Luxury Watch Recommendations

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We have every reason to believe that it is no accident that a brand launches any watch full of its own characteristics. This is a demonstration of the strength that has been accumulated and invested for decades. The number and area of ​​SIHH exhibiting brands this year, now let us once again appreciate some outstanding watches exhibited this year.
The perfect watch masterpiece:
    About two years ago, Lange’s LANGE ZEITWERK watch, with its extraordinary design features, demonstrated its watchmaking philosophy that breaks through conventions and welcomed the advent of a new era. So it is no accident that ZEITWERK has become Lange’s first timepiece. Its mechanical design concept provides ideal prerequisites for an integrated self-oscillating gear train. When the digital disk is moving forward, it will release a huge force, so it can still provide enough power for other purposes after switching cycles. The stored energy becomes the power of the time signal device, which is used to tighten the spring to drive the two hammers. Every quarter of an hour, the mechanism is activated, striking one of the gongs. Each quarter of the clock will be timed with high-pitched music, and every hour will be clocked with low-pitched music. This watch is equipped with Lange’s own L043.2 movement, not only equipped with hand-decorated delicate parts, balance wheel with eccentric weights, and Lange’s proprietary balance spring. With a diameter of 44.2 mm, this self-timer watch is available in a limited edition of 100 platinum cases with rhodium-plated dials, in addition to the white gold case with a black dial.