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Roger Dubuis is proud to announce that he will participate in Asia’s most prestigious watch exhibition for the third consecutive year. This exhibition will be from September 30 to October 3, 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center held with grandeur. Watches and miracles-WATCHES & WONDERS will once again provide the brand with a great opportunity to present its latest work ‘Astral Skeleton’, and also through the superb avant-garde Roger Dubuis, Come and show the brand’s unique and dramatic talents in the design of the pavilion.

Excalibur Star of In? Nity

Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, Roger Dubuis Global CEO

   Roger Dubuis Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, the global CEO of Roger Dubuis, talked about the current watch and miracle-WATCHES & WONDERS, expressed his enthusiasm and expectation: ‘As a contemporary hollow movement Roger Dubuis, the founder and watchmaker who specializes in blending architectural beauty and superb machinery, is extremely excited to launch his new timepiece creations in Asia in 2015. And we will release the first Excalibur Star of Infinity A watch, a truly new and elegant timepiece. ‘
Set off the beauty of complex machinery with outstanding jewellery skills

Astral Skeleton: The new fantasy world of Roger Dubuis, the pioneer of contemporary hollowing

   This jewellery watch, which was first unveiled in 2015 Watches and Miracles-WATCHES & WONDERS 2015, is similar to many timepieces launched by Roger Dubuis this year, and is hollowed out by the Astral Skeleton interstellar As the creative theme, the unique star-shaped shape of Roger Dubuis’ contemporary hollow movement is the design concept, and nature and shining stars are the inspiration for design. The formal aesthetics and functionality of the Excalibur Star of Infinity watch complement each other. The star tops of the RD01SQ skeleton double flying tourbillon movement point to different hour scales, which improves the clarity of reading. What’s more meaningful is that these star angles seem to extend toward the vast and deep universe, symbolizing the immense expanse announced by the watch name In? Nity.
   A total of 312 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 14.93 carats are paved on a white gold case, bezel and star-shaped structure, giving the watch a dazzling brilliance. ) Under the embellishment, also suddenly turned into a bright star.
   The pure light of these precious gems sets off a carbon-gray rhodium-plated movement composed of round grained splints, and also lights up the two Celtic cross tourbillon frames. This scorching timepiece combines the jewellery and watchmaking expertise of Roger Dubuis, and is engraved with the Geneva mark, which symbolizes the highest quality. A genuine alligator leather strap creates a strong contrast, and the adjustable folding clasp on the strap is set with 32 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.33 carats.
A shining star in the world of clocks and watches like the vast sea of ​​stars …

Excalibur Star of In? Nity

   Roger Dubuis in 2015 echoes the brand’s creative theme this year with a mysterious and extraordinary world: cut-out art and its diverse interpretations perfectly presented in the fields of nature, art and watchmaking. Stepping into the exhibition hall, it is as if you have come to the legendary Arthur’s Forest, which has been endowed with endless magic. People will encounter a strange creature like a tentacle that comes out of the cage and has four tentacles, all of which subtly evoke the timelessness belonging to the Excalibur King series Qiankun. Rubber and metal meet here, curves and straight lines blend with each other, and round bright eyes that are opened and closed at that time, can not help but reminiscent of a round dial, more like a wide window, leading people into the mysterious clock soul . Visitors will wear Oculus virtual reality glasses here to explore the Astral Skeleton cutout sensory journey in three dimensions.
Technical Information:
Excalibur Star of In? Nity
Case: 45 mm diameter, white gold, baguette-cut diamonds
Thickness: 15.50 mm
Dial: skeletonized with star-shaped structure set with baguette-cut diamonds
Number of diamonds: A total of 312 baguette-cut diamonds, of which 34 are set
On the star structure, 246 are set on the case and 32 are set on the buckle
Carats: Diamonds weigh approximately 14.93 carats, of which 0.96 carats are set in a star shape
Structurally, 12.64 carats set on the case and 1.33 carats set on the buckle
Water resistance: 3 bar (30 meters)
Strap: Genuine black alligator leather, hand-stitched
Buckle: Adjustable folding buckle in white gold with baguette-cut diamonds
Movement: RD01SQ manual winding movement
Yield: 28 pieces
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD01SQ movement:
Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon
Features: Dual flying tourbillons at 4:30 and 7:30 (each one per minute
One rotation), with differential between the two, manual winding mechanical movement,
Accurately adjusted in six directions
Function: Hour and minute display
Decoration: skeleton movement, carbon grey rhodium-plated, round granular plywood, Celtic
Cross-shaped tourbillon frame, fully refined according to the Geneva mark standard
Parts: 301
Gems: 28
Diameter: 16¾ French
Thickness: 7.67 mm
Vibration frequency: 2×3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 50 hours