Synchronize With Time At A Depth Of 2000 Meters

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We live on a blue planet, and 71% of its surface area is ocean. In the depths of these oceans, there are countless unknowns hidden. We explored only a small part of it, and knew nothing about the rest of the vast ocean floor. The deepest record of human beings diving with diving equipment is 332 meters. The huge sea pressure prevents us from diving. However, human beings are gradually trying to break through the limits of seawater pressure. For example, this IWC 2000 automatic watch (Ref: IW358001) can reach a depth of 2000 meters.

Originated in 1982
   The close connection between IWC and diving can be traced back to the 1960s. The increasing popularity of diving has led IWC to launch its first marine timepiece in 1967. It is water-resistant to 20 bar and has a rotating bezel to indicate diving time. The Ocean Time 2000 watch, launched in 2014, is based on a diving watch made by IWC for minesweepers in 1982. It was designed by the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche. Made. And this watch as its ‘civilian’ model, waterproof performance also reached a depth of 2000 meters.

   The size of the watch case is 46 mm and the thickness is 20.5 mm. Such a large case size can be said to be a ‘poison’ for large-diameter suitors. Even if you do not go diving, it is usually highly recognizable when worn on the wrist . Because the watch uses titanium to control the weight very well, you don’t need to worry about wearing such a large watch on your wrist.
Innovative inner and outer bezel

   Unlike other diving watches, the Ocean Time 2000 does not use a purely external or built-in rotating bezel, but uses innovative internal and external rotating bezels. The rotating inner ring, which accurately engages in minutes, can effectively protect the mechanical device from seawater and dirt, and also avoids the phenomenon of bumps and bumps when the external rotating bezel is worn, and it is convenient for the rotating outer ring The combination of operations allows divers to rotate easily even when wearing diving gloves or cold fingers. For safety reasons, the built-in rotating bezel can only be turned counterclockwise. Even if the external rotating bezel is accidentally moved clockwise, the diving time will not exceed the upper limit, allowing the diver to safely return to the surface without stopping the decompression.

   Although this watch can dive to a depth of 2,000 meters, it does not have a helium exhaust valve. At 9 o’clock is the clutch system of the inner and outer rotating bezel. When the outer bezel is turned, this action is transmitted to the inner rotating inner ring by the clutch system.
Two styles to choose from

   The Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch is available in two versions, one with a green luminous coating and the other with a yellow coating.

   The crown is also wrapped in a black rubber strap.

   Black rubber strap with titanium pin buckle.

   The IWC bracelet quick-change system can quickly remove the bracelet.

   The Cal.80110 automatic winding movement produced by IWC is used as the 80,000 movement series with the well-known Woodpecker Billerton winding mechanism of IWC. It can provide about 44 hours of power reserve when fully wound.
Summary: I think there are three selling points of this watch. The first is the diving depth of 2,000 meters. Even if you don’t dive, the sturdy and durable that can carry 2000 meters of water pressure can be said to be completely restless in daily life. The second is an innovative inner and outer rotating bezel, which prevents daily scratches and is easy to dive. The third is that after the first two breakthrough functions are available, the price of this watch is only more than 60,000 yuan, and the cost performance is still very high.