The Cutting-edge Technology In The Watch Industry Decrypts The Cartier Id Two Concept Watch

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In 2009, Cartier launched the first concept table-ID ONE, ID named after the first letter of English innovation and development. In 2012, Cartier launched the ID TWO concept watch. Compared to the previous ID ONE, what kind of cutting-edge technology is it equipped with? And how did it achieve this vision? The watch home with these questions for you will fully decipher this magic Cartier ID TWO concept watch.

   This time Cartier ID TWO brings a completely new design concept to the watch industry. It can be said that it is another peak leap in the history of human mechanical watchmaking. Cartier has achieved the international front-line level in terms of materials and principles.

  To increase energy storage, improve transmission efficiency, and reduce energy consumption, in order to achieve the above three goals, Cartier comprehensively details every detail of the ID TWO concept watch. Compared with traditional watches, ID TWO has a 30% increase in power and a 50% reduction in energy consumption. Inside the Calibre de Cartier 42mm case, the ID TWO concept watch has an amazing 32-day power reserve.

  The traditional mechanical watch has a system that does not have perfect power transmission from the mainspring to the oscillating mechanism. This kind of gradual transmission of gears through gears has a large energy loss. According to research, the energy loss of a general mechanical watch can reach 75%. The low energy conversion efficiency makes the power reserve time of general mechanical watches relatively limited. Some watches with multi-springs can only reach about 10 days of power. The design focus of Cartier ID TWO concept watches is to achieve high energy efficiency. Utilization, and this is the concept of high performance.

   We know that for objects moving at high speed, air friction often produces huge air resistance. For example, modern aircraft usually choose to fly in the stratosphere. One of the important factors is that the stratosphere air is thinner, the airflow is stable, and the air resistance is relatively small. It can be seen that air resistance is an unavoidable problem. On the Cartier ID TWO concept watch, Cartier uses the original Airfree technology to achieve a nearly 100% vacuum state inside the case. The balance wheel can operate without air friction, and the energy is reduced by 37%.

  Cartier ID TWO is equipped with two double barrels and uses for the first time a highly elastic glass fiber as the mainspring. In order to reduce friction, Cartier uses an ultra-thin layer of air-free, transparent and extremely smooth polymer film. Replaces traditional lubricants.

   The Cartier ID TWO concept watch uses deep reflection ion etching technology to achieve nano-level machining accuracy, while the escapement fork and escape wheel are made of carbon crystal material, allowing the perfect fit between the two.

  Cartier ID TWO’s differential device is very new. The device can be divided into two layers, the lower gear and the upper star gear. The lower gear meshes with the transmission plate. The upper part consists of a large gear with an inward ring gear and a planetary gear.

   The escapement fork and escapement wheel made of carbon crystal silicon material are light in weight, and the integrally formed escapement fork can achieve a good running effect, so there is no need to use a traditional ruby ​​fork shoe. A major feature of the Cartier ID TWO concept oscillating system is that it requires no adjustment.

Summary: From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that ID TWO has made great breakthroughs on the original basis: 1. Polycrystalline transparent ceramic integrated vacuum pumping case, nanotechnology gasket, and the vacuum state can be maintained for 10 years. 2. Two sets of double barrels, 32 days long power. 3. Glass fiber clockwork. 4. The planetary gear differential power transmission gear train increases the traditional power transmission ratio by 5 times. Through this new transformation, it is not difficult for us to find that continuous innovation has become the development direction of the modern and even future watch industry. I believe that there will be updates sooner and better high-tech watches will refresh today’s historical results, which seems to have become the source of the clock’s people’s motivation.