The Tough Guy In The Movie, Even The Watch He Wears Also Exudes Male Hormones

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I remember that when I was in elementary school, I was exposed to the kind of ‘man’ movies that I watched with my dad. For the classic tough guy characters created by classic movies, a large part of their fans come from men who are healthy or have a passion for fierce fighting scenes. Just as the tough guys bring charm, every detail of them also exudes strong male hormones. For example, the bruises on the brow bone, the sweat flowing from the forehead to the jaw, the wrist with blue muscles, and the domineering watch on the wrist that cannot be ignored.

Wu Jing starred in ‘War Wolf 2’

  Speaking of tough guys, of course, we can first mention ‘War Wolf 2′ at the box office explosion this year. The cold front played by Wu Jing showed the soldiers’ decisive and decisive style of work and the tenacity of the blood of a tough man in this war movie. The movie caught fire, and the watch worn by Wu Jing for the task in the play was also noticed by the audience, and some people were still seeking brands under the official micro-blog. However, Wu Jing’s watch is really not a brand that everyone is familiar with, because it is made by his company.

‘Wolf Warrior 2’ Official Custom Watch

   This watch is actually a peripheral product of the ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ movie, which is specially made for movie fans. It is only available in a small range. Wu Jing also participated in the design of the watch. Although it is around the movie, its appearance is still “photogenic”. The black volcano luminous dial has specially added the War Wolf logo, and the red second hand also has the War Wolf logo. The watch is equipped with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. The black PVD steel case and rubber strap also keep it in Man Man’s posture. Watches are not expensive, but they should make sense for movie fans.

Frank Griello wears Casio G-SHOCK in ‘Wolf Warrior 2’

   The other villain actor in the film, Frank Griro, also played hard in the fight. And his huge Casio G-SHOCK is also very recognizable. G-SHOCK makes sense here as a watch of choice among military men and Hollywood action movies. Like the ‘Mission Impossible’ series, with Tom Cruise’s role, you must see the shadow of G-SHOCK.

Zhang Hanyu starred in Operation Mekong

Zhang Hanyu wears INAG ADVENTURE CH328 Sherpa II

   In the ‘Mekong Operation’ which was released last year, Zhang Hanyu, one of the starring actors, played an anti-drug policeman in the play. No matter in or out of the play, Zhang Hanyu is a real man, so in my opinion, he actually acts in the show. The watch worn by Zhang Hanyu in the play is the Innag ADVENTURE CH328 Sherpa Sports II watch. This notorious brand was originally a Swiss watch, but was later acquired by Hong Kong Huaming Bank, and the Swiss Watch Association removed it. The appearance of this watch is very stiff. On the 43mm diameter watch, the bezel and strap are decorated with mesh patterns, and the black and white strap is full of a strong sense of movement. Zhang Hanyu was almost from start to finish in the play, and he was filming in the hot and humid conditions in Southeast Asia. The ability to choose an Ingena watch in poor conditions also proves that this watch can indeed withstand the test of harsh environments.

Peng Yuyan starred in Operation Mekong

Peng Yuyan wore a Longines Concas diving watch in and out of the show

   Peng Yuyan performed undercover of China’s anti-drug intelligence in Operation Mekong. His performance in this play can be described as ‘very desperate’. It is also a Southeast Asian forest where the shooting conditions are harsh. The choice on Peng Yuyan’s wrist is a Longines Concas diving watch. The watch is equipped with a Longines exclusive self-winding column-wheel mechanical movement, equipped with a spiral crown, a black unidirectional spiral bezel, and guards on the side of the crown. Needless to say, professional diving performance. However, Longines has a more elegant appearance, but it is a little different from the undercover undercover played by Peng Yuyan. In contrast, when Peng Yuyan wears it outside the play, I think his magnificent image is actually more suitable.

Donnie Yen starred in ‘Special Identity’

Donnie Don Roger Dubuis Adventurer Watch

   In the 2013 action film ‘Special Identity’, Donnie Yen plays an undercover man who has been in the underworld for many years. In more than 90 minutes of the film, Donnie Yen contributed 40 minutes of melee. The watch on his hand is a rose gold Roger Dubuis adventurer. With a skeletonized dial, this watch with a skeleton design reveals the exquisite decoration of the RD680’s exclusive chronograph movement. If you want to dent the image of the underworld, this watch that looks expensive and has a strong sense of mechanics is indeed a good choice.

Donnie Don Roger Dubuis Adventurer Watch

   In fact, tough guys in foreign action movies have also shaped many stories with their watches, such as Paul Walker’s Deep Sea Chronograph in “Speed ​​and Passion”; James Bond’s Omega in “007”; The Stellan Panerai Luminor 1950 … The watches in these classic films have already been interpreted, so I won’t repeat them here. However, after watching the watches worn by tough guys in domestic films, everyone must have more or less their own contrast.