Watches Do Not Leave, What Watch Does Winter Ski Bring?

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It’s already December, and it can be considered to be in the middle of the winter. Some northern cities have also experienced the magnificent sight of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow. This year’s Beijing seems to be cold enough and it hasn’t snowed yet. I very much hope to have a heavy snow early. There are fewer outdoor activities in winter, and skiing is definitely one of them. The only experience with the snow that has been sliding for several years is that even if the snow is nourished, the snow feeling is not good after a heavy snowfall.

  The residual heat of the Sochi Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year seems to be burning to the end of the year, driving the domestic skiing this year to become more popular than ever. It doesn’t matter if the motor nerve is smart enough or professional enough, everyone wants to try it out in the ‘snow’. Regardless of whether you choose to slide ‘double row’ or ‘single board’, for beginners, wrestling is unavoidable, and I can say with certainty that you cannot learn without falling.
  On weekdays, as a watchmaker, I basically do n’t leave my watch. I even take a watch with me when I take a bath or sleep. This is a kind of “illness.” I believe that many watch friends and watch fans are like this. .
  Here comes the problem. Mechanical watches, especially high-end mechanical watches from Switzerland (and Germany), have long pursued slimness and elegance, and high-end watches are mostly used as men’s social accessories. Therefore, many watches are waterproof and shockproof. It has never been the preferred indicator for design and manufacturing. Don’t talk about skiing, just wear a ball on your hand or go to the sauna. Water stains left by sweat or snow in the inside of the cover. However, mechanical watches rely on the shock-proof performance of the shock absorber to prevent vibration. There is a certain limit. Beyond the effective range of the shock-proof device, the tip will be damaged first. In addition, other parts in mechanical watches, such as hairsprings, drill holes, and axle tips, will also malfunction or be damaged by severe vibration.
  For us who are accustomed to watching time with a watch, what watch should we bring when skiing or engaging in vigorous activities, let’s talk today. Of course, if you are ‘rich, wayward, and don’t care,’ you can also be happy when I am ‘puckering’. Also welcome all netizens to leave a positive message, provide your experience and story, let us progress together.
What kind of watch is an earthquake-resistant watch?
  The anti-seismic watch originated in 1790. Master Breguet invented and used a large number of simple and effective anti-vibration systems called parachute or pare-chute, which was the pioneer of all modern anti-vibration devices.
  Today, the requirements for a ‘shock-resistant’ watch can be described as very strict, and it must pass various rigorous tests to be named ‘shock-resistant’. A watch that is called ‘shock-resistant’ must be manufactured in Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan and other countries that have signed the ISO 1413-1984 international standard. The signed documents list the tests required for the earthquake-resistant watch.
  In this shock test, the case of the watch being tested was actually struck by a pendulum. The watch itself must be subjected to two impact tests: one on the dial and one at nine o’clock. After the impact test, the watch will not stop when it is impacted, and the appearance will not cause any physical damage. After the impact test, the error of the watch cannot exceed one day. 60 seconds to pass this test can be called an earthquake-resistant watch.
  There are many types of modern anti-vibration systems, including Incabloc, Kif, Etachoc, Seiko’s Diashock and Citizen’s Parashock system. Incabloc is still the most popular suspension mechanism to date, and it can be seen from top models to general entry models. In addition to the most commonly used Incabloc shockproof, Kif is the shockproof system commonly used in high-end watches. Many brands have also begun to design and use exclusive shock-proof devices, such as Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorbers. Wearing them, you can enjoy golf, skiing, tennis and other sports with peace of mind, so that time and sports are perfectly integrated.

Casio G-SHOCK series
  When it comes to shock-resistant watches, the first recommendation is of course the G-SHOCK series of Casio. The focus of this series can be seen from the name. Before each G-SHOCK leaves the factory, it will undergo tests such as free-fall test, hammer impact test, and vibration test to ensure quality. Until now, the unique anti-vibration structure is constantly innovating. The most important thing is that the price is relatively cheap and not distressed.

  Panerai launched the LUMINOR NORTH POLE GMT PAM00252 watch in 2006 to celebrate Mike Horn’s Arctic adventure. It is a reliable watch that can be worn around the Arctic Circle. This watch uses Incabloc shock absorbers. In addition, the 42-hour power reserve is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C), and the built-in soft iron is antimagnetic, which is also a symbol of practicality and precision.
  Incabloc (Inga Bell) shockproof, produced by the Swiss company Incabloc sa, is the most common shockproof technology. In simple terms, the key protagonist of the Incabloc device is a circular metal sheet with two sides recessed inward. It encases the jewel bearing, maintains the relative position of the gear axis and the jewel bearing, and the stable operation of the gear train. For impact, the entire set of shock absorbing devices allows the gear axis to be displaced synchronously in a buffering position to prevent the axis from being cracked or deformed by instantaneous force.
  Ball’s engineered hydrocarbon series is an indispensable companion for the ultimate modern explorer. It has excellent anti-shock performance and innovative patent registrations, such as Amortiser anti-vibration device, ‘spring balance’ anti-vibration system, crown protection system, and folding buckle.

Astronomical orbital space officer II model DC3036C-SA-BK
  This engineer’s hydrocarbon-based astronomical orbital space officer II model can be described as the ultimate shock resistance, 7,500Gs impact test means that even after 5.2 meters of free fall can still be harmless. In order to protect the movement of the watch, Ball’s Astronomical Space Chief II watch is equipped with the revolutionary Amortiser system. This system consists of a protective ring surrounding the movement, which can absorb the energy generated when the watch receives an external impact, reduce the shock to the movement, and reduce movement errors. At the same time, the guard ring also has anti-magnetic properties, which gives the movement a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A / m, so that the movement can still run freely in a high magnetic field environment.

Bottom cover aircraft propeller switch
  In addition to the guard ring, the Amortiser system also has a special pendulum lock mechanism. It can be seen that the watch is flipped over, and an airplane propeller-shaped switch is provided on the bottom cover, which can lock or unlock the rotor as needed. A large number of sudden external impacts caused sudden shaking of the swinging rotor. By locking the oscillating weight, the energy generated by the frontal collision can be prevented from entering the movement.

Rolex Explorer II
  Rolex Explorer II, this watch uses Rolex’s exclusive Paraflex shock absorber, which can increase the shock resistance of vulnerable movement components such as the balance shaft by up to 50%. This Rolex also uses Parachrom hairsprings, which are made of a paramagnetic alloy that is not only immune to magnetic fields but also provides shock resistance. And Rolex’s oyster case technology is itself a sturdy endorsement.

24 CALIBRE 36 automatic chronograph from Monaco series
  TAG Heuer Monaco’s 24 CALIBRE 36 automatic chronograph, this watch introduces the concept of a car suspension engine, the movement is suspended in the case, the suspension point is used in aerospace and premium racing special shock-absorbing materials, can Meets very high shock-proof requirements. This watch with advanced shock-absorbing movement protection features a unique tubular design and advanced anti-vibration protection accessories. The ‘efficient dynamic shock absorber’ system is used to prevent bumps and vibrations during exercise. Powered by Calibre 36 movement, the device is clearly visible through the mirror and sapphire crystal case back. The vibrations on the movement are absorbed by multiple support arms, and then directly transmitted to the composite vibration filtering device, which can absorb the vibration energy emitted by the well.

Glashütte Sport Shockproof Tourbillon
  Glashütte has launched sports shock-resistant watches. This sports shock-resistant chronograph has a unique shape. The black dial is dotted with a little bright red. The chronograph abacus is also particularly prominent with bright colors. The strong color contrast is very sporty. The Glashütte watch factory works with the Fraunhofer R & D team in Stuttgart, Germany to develop the ideal material for shock-resistant components. The four cushioning elements made of this elastic material are placed between the movement and the case, absorbing at least 60% of external impact, and because of this shock absorbing system, the movement can be ensured even in the event of a strong impact Stable operation and precise travel time.

Breitling emergency help watch II
 Finally, let me introduce the second generation of Breitling’s emergency help watch. This recognized watch suitable for survival and sports in the wild is not only durable but also incorporates many high-tech. It is the world’s first dual-frequency personal positioning beacon (PLB) watch. It is equipped with a transmitter that meets the special requirements of the Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system. It can simultaneously send distress signals and guide positioning and rescue. Breitling’s emergency help watch II is inseparable from the wearer. It is suitable for users in many fields around the world: aviation, sailing, mountain climbing, hiking, hiking, adventure, extreme sports, etc. It is a survival tool in all distress situations. Bring this watch, even if you are abroad to ‘snow’, it is safer.
  Summary: Of course, there are many shock-resistant watches, such as Seiko’s Diashock, Citizen’s Parashock system, Fiyta’s extreme sports series, and so on. I am more inclined to choose the ‘universal watch’ Casio G-SHOCK. The main reason is that it is cheap, does not hurt, and it is indeed relatively ‘prohibited.’ My old Casio has not experienced any problems in various sports. Finally, I remind everyone that skiing has certain dangers, and safety protection measures must be taken. Beginners must not ski ‘wild snow’.