Elegant Gentleman’s Watch Carl F. Bucherer Watch

Carl F. Bucherer, who became famous with the mass-produced automatic ring A1000 movement, actually put a lot of energy into the movement, when the ETA movement was announced to be discontinued Take the self-made movement to go out of your own way. After the introduction of the A2000 movement that inherited the A1000 movement in 2016, it has consolidated the main watch series of Bucherer. The impressive signature ring-shaped automatic dial has fine-tuned the internal parts. After that, it was also more affordable than the A1000 movement, and the price was almost half that of the A1000 movement. The new rose gold Marion Dragon series also began to think about men’s formal dresses after the ‘big play face color’ in 2017. The future of the watch, from the compact size of 40.6mm to the diameter of 43mm, adds to the look of men’s wrist style.

The diameter of the watch has been increased from 40.6mm to 43mm, which not only enriched the diversity of the Bucherer product line, but also increased the size of the new model with a touch of masculinity, and the watch design is more versatile.

Feature 1: Added 43mm and increased multiple choices
The consistent wedge-shaped timescales and sword-shaped hands are the simple DNA of the Maliron series. No matter what features it is equipped with, the players will feel a neat design. Since its launch in 2016, the Malilong series has become one of the main models of Bucherer. , Originated from the Latin ‘Manuaria’, which means ‘controlled by the hand’. This positioning is mainly for the male market. Originally, the Malilong series mainly had a 40.6mm diameter. The new 43mm diameter was introduced. To strengthen the diversity of the overall product line, Bao Qilai changed its multi-color strategy from 2017 to a multi-caliber style in 2018, which not only gives Malilong the main series more style, but also loves Malilong series. Players have more choices, and for watch fans who like a slightly larger watch diameter, the fine-tuned size sets off their unique temperament.

The A2000 series movement is derived from the basis of the A1000 movement, and more streamlined corrections have been made to the parts. Therefore, it has reduced the price by nearly half, but at the same time has both the good shock absorption and absolute of the A1000 movement. Accurate and very affordable

Feature 2: Unique ring-shaped automatic disc
Bucherer made mass production of ring-shaped automatic discs as one of the characteristics of its models. It is a unique style created by the brand. In the past, ring-shaped automatic discs were not common on other brand watches, mainly because of the ring-shaped automatic discs. The shock-absorbing effect of the disc is worrying, but in fact, Bucherer has made many improvements on the basis of mass-produced ring-shaped automatic discs. Not only has it developed a Dynamic Shock Absorption dynamic suspension mechanism, but it also uses the elastic lever to offset the vibration force. The unique Central Dual Adjusting System is used to ensure the accuracy of the balance wheel. Therefore, the A2050 derived from the A1000 movement has inherited these strengths. Looking at the five series of Bucherer, the brand-developed A1000 It has been universally used with the A2000 movement, and its accuracy and reliability are quite reliable.

The watch body, hands, and scales are all made of expensive and inspiring rose gold, which shows a strong aristocratic atmosphere when invisible. The material design of the precious metal is also suitable for formal use.

Feature 3: Noble gentleman style in rose gold body
The rose gold material was mostly used in the brand’s flagship series or flagship style. This time, the new style of the Bucherer series in the Mali Long series uses the noble material of rose gold, which clearly shows its intention. The aristocratic atmosphere of rose gold is as small as the dial’s small seconds hand and sword-shaped hour and minute hands, as large as the watch body structure, all exposing an elegant gentleman atmosphere, and the white plain elegant dial and simple scales present the watch. The overall elegant design is a watch that is quite suitable for formal wear.

Marley Dragon Power Watch

18K rose gold material / CFB A2050 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 50 meters / diameter 43mm

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Rolex’s ‘crown’ Logo Exploration

Does anyone know Rolex? At least Xu does not know this account. But more than the three words of Rolex? In fact, as soon as you see Rolex’s ‘crown’, it will be closely linked with Rolex, shining in the hearts of watch fans. As the Rolex logo, this ‘crown’ contributed to Rolex’s great success in the watch industry. The official statement is that the Rolex crown was designed by Wilsdorf and Davis, but it was not until 1925 that they both branded the crown badge. Since then, the design of the ‘Crown’ has hardly changed, and has maintained its original appearance for almost a century. As for why Davis and Wellsdorff chose to design a ‘crown’ as a Rolex trademark, few people know the truth. Some people think that the five points of the crown represent five fingers of a person, while others assume that they represent five letters in a Rolex name. When the Rolex logo appears on a brand’s watch, what color it presents depends on the design of the watch itself. However, when the logo is used in company advertising, it is always golden, with green text underneath, spelling the word ‘Rolex’. The golden color of the crown symbolizes Rolex’s use of precious metals to make watches and visually shows the luxurious and majestic image of the Rolex brand. Although green is often used to depict nature-related images, it also impresses with gold in Rolex’s hands. In fact, in the Rolex logo, the green typeface is used to represent the color of money, and then combined with the golden color of the crown to create a color scheme that symbolizes wealth and status. Moreover, the shape of the crown itself is a symbol of prestige and the royal family. Rolex uses the ‘crown’ as a trademark to convey the message that wearing a Rolex watch is like wearing a crown. Although there are many Swiss watch manufacturers that produce high-quality watches that are many times more expensive than the average Rolex, none of these watches are as recognizable as the Rolex crown. Rolex represented by ‘Crown’ has always been firmly in the leading position in the highly competitive watch world. This must confirm and thank the ‘Crown’ for its contribution to the popularity and promotion of the brand. Rolex also added the ‘crown’ logo to their slogan, which reads ‘Every achievement deserves a crown.’ Because Rolex watches are often purchased by consumers to commemorate major events in life, such as celebrating retirement or promotion, Rolex has also linked this trend to their identifiable signs to further promote and encourage people to ‘I You should buy a Rolex watch to commemorate what you have achieved in life. ‘ In addition, Rolex’s “crown” has also appeared in countless movies and TV shows, especially James Bond movies, which have deepened Rolex’s brand image and popularity. A final note: Rolex’s ‘crown’ is usually placed on the strap and dial. Its complicated details have caused great difficulties in replicating Rolex’s fake watches. Because of this, carefully observing the ‘crown’ trademark is one of the methods used by watch experts to determine genuine and fake Rolex. In addition to the Rolex LOGO, Xu Begong’s favorite is the Maltese Cross of Vacheron Constantin, upright and harmonious, and also has a religious ritual-like glory.

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