Why Are You Crazy About Rolex’s New Watch?

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About half a month before the Basel Watch Fair, someone kept asking, Sister Rabbit predicted the new Rolex watch. The direction is nothing more than a new movement update, outer ring color, material changes, etc., but I refused, especially when I saw some ugly color combinations appearing on the Internet, I felt that it was a provocation to Rolex’s aesthetics. However, there are not many brands that make people happy to predict. Rolex counts them as one (because it is hot, and because it is easy to produce explosive models, the product line is very clear, the range is not large, and some brands have round ovals. Is enough for you to guess). Especially when Rolex released a video revealing a five-bead chain (officially called the five-grid commemorative bracelet), I felt that everyone was inspired and seemed to be getting closer to the truth. Through this strap, many people guessed that it might be GMT (Greenwich Type II), but at first the so-called river and lake spy photos were red and black circles, which was slightly misleading, and everyone seemed to be more inclined to come out of platinum, afraid Steel models hit the market. In the end, Rolex revealed the GMT in red and blue, with a five-bead chain and a steel model. Feeling the dust settled, looking at everyone’s relief, the rabbit couldn’t help but want to fight-always staring at the explosion, can you buy it? By the way, is this watch unexpected? No, because Wuzhu Chain is not the first time it has been used on GMT in history. Let me show you a historical map. It is a red and blue circle GMT in 1978, and it is also a steel model. The new watch is priced at 8,800 Swiss francs, and some people shouted that it was another explosion, and even seeing a pre-sale price of 120,000 yuan on a domestic e-commerce platform was fierce enough, which directly increased the price. However, this watch is still controversial, and some people say that this chain is strangely equipped with GMT. Some people even thought about changing the straps themselves after they bought them, but unfortunately, Rolex has responded to this unrealistic idea-the new GMT steel models cannot change the straps (and there are speculations to protect customers who buy platinum models, there are The difference is, otherwise, you can buy steel watches and pretend to be posing as gold models. Therefore, according to the guess of the rabbit, this watch will be chased by many people, but it should be too hot for the black and white ceramic circle Daytona. It is estimated that it is difficult to shake the current status of the green water ghost for the time being. And domestic stores are not yet able to accept formal reservations, so everything remains to be seen. In addition, GMT also has a platinum red and blue circle at the same time, the disk surface is blue. In fact, the rabbit personally feels that it is not as good-looking as the old version with black face, and the price is estimated to be more than 300,000 in China. In fact, aside from the speculation of explosive models and the general pursuit of Rolex steel watch fans, I personally think that this year’s eternal rose gold version is very beautiful, black and brown, which is probably the least obvious double-circle watch at present. If the economy Strength allows, there is really no need to have fun with steel watch consumers, the gold model is 13,400 Swiss francs, and there is also the full gold model, 35,000 Swiss francs. Next, let’s raise the budget directly to the top and look at this year’s Rainbow Circle Daytona. A few years ago I would think how to wear such a magnificent watch, now I feel that more diamonds are good-looking, older, and people are more and more superficial, hey. This piece is currently positioned at more than 90,000 Swiss francs. It is estimated that the public price in China is between 700,000 and 800,000 yuan. Rabbit probed the dealer’s tone, it is said that many people have already queued up, because the small amount of visual inspection also depends on snatching, but this is the thing for rich people … As for the main role of Rolex’s cash flow, it is still DD weekly calendar DJ log type, these two are always the value of the supremacy, only two issues are considered: 1, enough money. 2, good or bad. Rabbit predicts that this 36mm gold log type will sell well, no matter the size or the combination of gold is very pleasing in the market. This green log-type 31 mm, although not the best in many models in DJ history, is good for those who have no chance or interest in finding a second watch. In fact, this year’s Rolex has also done some details. As always, the official style, say nothing, rely on your own observation. We see that some models use the new movement, such as the steel GMT 3285, DJ 36mm gold and deep blue deepsea diving, all use the 3235 movement. Then Rolex quietly added a small crown between the two words ‘SwissMade’ on the dial of the new movement. Regarding why this change was made, Rolex did not mention it, but our predictions are for new models with new movements, and it may be easier to identify. One point seems to prove our guess: Everyone carefully observes the red and blue circle GMT of the platinum and blue plate, there is no small crown, because it uses an old movement, which is essentially an old model with a new plate color. In fact, Rolex has always given me a feeling of not caring about the outside world. For example, traffic stars are so hot. They are unmoved and more traditional in terms of communication. However, various signs also show that Rolex is actually careful, This time I posted a new trailer and deleted the official website. I felt very thorough and knew exactly what you wanted. Of course, the more important reason is that because of the popularity, everyone is happy to guess all kinds of details (some brands may not be noticed if they make big moves). In the end, some rabbit fans asked if the new steel GMT would be the next explosion, or if you want to buy it, the rabbit just wanted to say: Do you really like it, or just because it feels red? In the long run, anything beyond the fair price will always return to the original. Everyone still remembers the story of green glass. From price increases to drops, many watch dealers have been pitted. It’s better to find the one you love the most. As for how hot it is in others’ eyes, you will find that it doesn’t matter. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!