Witness The Brand’s Pioneering Spirit The Omega Speedmaster Timepiece Appreciation Will Go Smoothly

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At 14:00 on October 17, 2014, the Omega Speedmaster Series Timepiece Appreciation Meeting was successfully held in Beijing at the Omega Beijing Oriental Plaza flagship store. The Speedmaster series antique watch from the Omega Museum appeared in the flagship store. Professional staff traced the history of the Speedmaster series with us. The activities are colorful and evocative.

  Omega watches and clocks mark a glorious achievement in the history of watchmaking. The flagship store in Oriental Plaza is simple in design and elegant in appearance. In addition to exquisite display windows, there are many important watch posters for Omega.

  This tasting invited senior watch people from all major media to gather together to trace the history of the Speedmaster series, explore the story of Omega and the moon landing, and get close contact with the watch models. On the table at the appreciation meeting, there were also exquisitely designed lunar rover and mineral rock, and the Buddha witnessed the moment when the Omega watch was worn on the moon.

  After the event began, Omega professionals first introduced the Omega Speedmaster series antique watches, the origin of the Omega and the moon landing, and the dark side of the Speedmaster series, ‘Apollo’ in various ways, including text, pictures and videos. The contents of the ’45th Anniversary Limited Edition’ on the 11th, etc. allow everyone to fully understand the rich history and outstanding achievements of Omega Speedmaster.

‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Black Ceramic Watch
  This watch is also one of the key models of this tasting. As a model of Omega’s distinctive style, forward-looking innovation and avant-garde spirit, this all-black Omega Speedmaster watch is full of fashionable and dynamic style, which is very popular. The Speedmaster series adds new vitality. Although it is placed in the window, we can still feel the unique design of the watch everywhere.

  Next, you can watch and try on these watches at close range, and there are professional staff to answer questions and introduce specific models.

Speedmaster 2

  This watch is the Speedmaster CK2998 launched by Omega 1959. It replaces the previous hand with a new ‘beveled’ hand. In addition, the black aluminum speedometer bezel used by the watch has also become the standard design of Speedmaster watches and is still in use today.

Speedmaster ST105.003

  In 1963, Omega launched the Speedmaster ST105.003 watch with a manual winding 321 movement, which was provided to NASA for testing. After successful testing, NASA ordered a number of Speedmaster ST105.003 watches and officially equipped them to astronauts. On March 23, 1965, during the ‘Gemini 4’ mission, astronaut Edward White wore this watch on his wrist, which made the Speedmaster watch part of the first ‘Spacewalk’ mission in the United States.

Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Limited Edition

  This watch is the 45th anniversary of the ‘Apollo 11’ limited edition watch, with a 42 mm gray frosted case made of grade 2 titanium and embellished with gold tones, reminiscent of the moon, Apollo 11 landing on the moon The color of the cabin and command cabin; another eye-catching design feature is the special material strap inspired by the NATO NATO military nylon strap, which improves the wearing comfort and breathability, and there are two ways to wear it.

Revealed Mark Ⅱ watch in the window is more fashionable under the light

  The advent of this watch means that Omega has redesigned the classic buckle of the Speedmaster Moonwatch for the first time, and introduced a new second-generation Omega Speedmaster watch in the Omega product line.

  This watch is a replica of the Speedmaster Mark Ⅱ watch. This watch must be very eye-catching. The case is streamlined. The color of the dial is very beautiful. The transparent speedometer scale is transferred on the inside of the sapphire mirror. The lower aluminum ring is covered with a luminous coating. This is to show the luminous transmission through the scale in a dark environment.

  At the same time, there is also a classic Speedmaster series watch display in the Omega store. The staff will introduce its information and timing functions in detail. The atmosphere at the scene was very enthusiastic. In addition to taking photos of the models seriously, we also actively consulted the staff about the watch information, which shows that the Omega watch is attractive to the public.
Summary: This tasting will let everyone know more about the history of the Omega Speedmaster series, and get more information about the different models of the Speedmaster series. The Omega Speedmaster series is not only a great timepiece for landing on the moon , Is the best witness of the brand pioneer. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)